Day 236.

+A bowl of cereal.

+A salad with baby spinach, ranch dressing, cherry tomatoes, thin almond slices, some cheese, and chopped green pepper. Oh. And a chopped green onion. I also had some carrot sticks, some grapes, and a few rice crackers. Seriously, the wasabi ones are INTENSE. I can only handle so many of those at a time.

+A fish sandwich with spinach and cheese (on sandwich thins), and steak fries. A couple large marshmallows were also had today, along with a french silk ice cream cone.

That’s it. I spent six hours at work going through computer training and let’s just say it was really tedious. I’m still not completely done. I only have two small sections left to complete. I go in Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10-3 where I’ll be trained on the register, but I figure I can tell them I’ll only need to finish up the computer program for maybe 15 minutes before I get started on the floor.

I’m really nervous for that. I’ve never worked a cash register before in my life and never before have I had a job where I’ve had to deal directly with customers.

However, I’m sure that once I get used to the computer system I’ll probably almost enjoy being a cashier. XD

Yeah. I have another blog to submit, then my parents are leaving for the evening so I’m going to watch X2 to shamelessly, fangirlishly freak out over Nightcrawler.


Good night. XD


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