Day 237.

+Two pieces of small breakfast pizza and a big marshmallow. Breakfast of champions. lol

+ Beef stew in a bread bowl (at the Renaissance Festival)

Also while at the Ren Fest, I had some carmel kettle corn.

+Two small pieces of KFC chicken, two biscuits, some weird like wedge fries, and a tiny bit of mac n cheese. I would normally feel bad about that, but I ate far, far less at the Ren Fest than I would have if I was at home. Actually, part of me still feels bad about that, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow by not snacking. At all.

My resolve and willpower are getting better, I think. I mean, there are obviously still a bunch of flaws…

Speaking of flaws, there are 21 days until I stop having to deliver newspapers (unless someone expresses interest in the route before that; I told my manager he could give it to them before my 30 days were up) but after that, I will have to keep up the exercise regimen.

After I’m done with the paper route, my plan is to exercise for an hour every day. I’m not sure how I’ll split it up, but I could ride the exercise bike for 45 minutes and then do something else for 15 minutes, like hand weights, yoga, walking workout, whatever. I’d switch that up to avoid getting bored.

When I would do that depends on my hours as a cashier. I know I told them my availability is pretty open, and in a sense it is, but since I still can’t drive and thusly have to depend on my parents to drive me places, I’m going to say that I need to work days.

It’s the most convenient for my ride. My dad can drop me off in the morning (because he either works 2-10 or 3-11 at night) and my mother can pick me up when I’m done (because she gets off work at 4). I’ll say that until I can get at least a work permit, I will be unable to work in the evenings.

And it’s true. I can’t ask my parents to pick me up at Nine goddam Thirty in the evening every work night, especially during the school year when mom works from 7:30 in the morning until at least 4pm.


I could ramble for hours but I need to submit an art blog entry and then get to bed. I was up at 4:30 this morning and then I got soaked in the rain on the paper route. And tomorrow I have to deliver the huge goddam Sunday paper. Seeing as Monday is a holiday, I’m thinking I won’t have to deliver the paper on Monday. If that’s the case, I’ll be staying up exceptionally fucking late tomorrow night.


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