Day 250-251

Yeah, I lied. I think I skipped a day but I’m putting both numbers in the title so I don’t throw myself off. After all, this is more a personal resource than anything else so whatever.


+Two eggs and two strips of bacon

+Tuna salad (just plain, not in a sandwich) and some jalapeno pringles

+Three slices of very thin, cheap frozen pizza we got at Aldis. Sometimes that place has great deals on stuff, and sometimes their stuff is just cheapy and not worth it.

Also today I had a couple pumpkin bars and some chocolate chip bar. I say some because it was the thin crusty edges that were left… so yeah. I’m going to finish up some shit and then get to bed. I don’t feel like myself and the last half of today hasn’t felt real at all so I’m guessing that lovely time of the month is approaching.


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