Day 252.

Late again. I work, so I don’t care. Even if my shifts are only from four through five and a half hours long, I really don’t care to submit a stupid blog nobody reads when I get home from that job. Even my art blog. I’m considering just stopping that one because I think there’s only been one entry that’s had more than 5 page views, and that counts the two views that are probably mine,  just to check that the layout of the entry sits right.

I’ll probably keep doing that just so I can say I got through it, but I think after that I’ll start a project blog that isn’t so time constrained. Like I have a friend on blogger who decided to illustrate every Beatles song, but she’s not on a limited time frame, like an entry per day or something. I want something freeform like that. Maybe I’ll try to shoot for a one entry a week minimum.


+I had two pieces of thin, cheapass pizza from aldis at like 5am.  Later I think I had cereal. I can’t remember.

+A piece of very thin steak and a potato.

+A little bit of chicken, with some taco chips and salsa.

Also, at work I had a package of pop tarts, and a can of soda.


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