Day 253-256

I have still been keeping track of my food. I just haven’t bothered to keep completely up to date with this. I’m not working very many hours at my new job, but it’s taking some real getting used to. Before this new job, I haven’t had a real job since 2009… so it’s really odd.

B:some chicken at 5am… then cereal
L:A thin steak sandwich
D:Beef sandwich, ham salad, cookies… it was a PFLAG meeting and there was food leftover from some previous event.

B: Some chicken at like 5am. Then pop tarts.
L:Some sloppy joe stuff with no bread, a piece of cheese, one piece of french toast.
D:Some crackers, some hummus, and some beef.

B:Cereal. Later, some cottage cheese
L:A thin piece of beef, with chips and salsa
D:Some sloppy joe stuff, no bread, and some cottage cheese

B:Cereal. And a brownie.
L:I didn’t really have a real lunch. I had some crackers and a brownie.
D: A bowl of chili, with some crackers and shredded swiss cheese.

Also today, I had some sour life savers gummies, a bit of popcorn, and a few pieces of candy corn.


I’ll try to keep up with this blog in the future, but seeing as it’s pretty much just for me and won’t be of any use to anyone else… it’s not like anybody gives a shit.


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