Well, you gotta be crazy, baby

Well, I haven’t written here for a while so I figured I could shoot you a short entry before I go tackle the load of dishes soaking in the sink. And I’ll see if there’s any laundry that needs to be done. I’d check the mail but now we’re lucky if we see our mail before 4pm.

Working at my new cashiering job has been going pretty well. I have noticed a few things, though, that probably keep us from doing more  business.

For one thing, almost none of the clearance merchandise rings up right. Then we have to void it off, override it, and more often than not have to call a manager over. This irritates people.

Secondly, all the damn questions on the pinpad. First there’s a survey that asks how likely they’d be to recommend the store to their friends. THEN, if they have a reward card, it asks if they want to add an email address. Especially with older folk, they just want to get in, pay for their shit, and get out.

Also, we’re supposed to ask if they want to use a company credit card, and if they don’t have one, we’re supposed to ask if they want to apply for one.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard anyone ask that question since I started working at the store in August.  As a shopper, I hate having a barrage of questions thrown at me. I just want to buy my shit and leave. I can only assume the same for most other shoppers.

Also, half our registers don’t work right. One of the registers has a deactivation pad that doesn’t work. Several of them have issues with the large scanner working, so people are forced to use the hand scanner for everything.  Also, when our ancient registers freeze, we have to take the time to reboot them. We can’t print the receipt off for the customer, we can’t complete the sale… so the customer has to sit there for what seems like forever until our computer boots back up, and THEN we have to call a manager over and it’s just a big hassle.

I just think that if some things were improved and done differently, we’d get more business. But what do I know? I’m just a peon at the register.

I get along with pretty much all of my coworkers, so there aren’t really any problems there. My biggest problem is the odd computer program they’re using to schedule us. I get hours like 10:15-4:45, or 11:30-5:15… it just makes it hard for me to remember when I get off work. When I have hours like 2-7… I don’t have to look at the clock and go ‘Shit, did I get off at 6:45, or 7:15? Or 7:30? I don’t remember. And I can’t exactly whip out my phone to check my hours.

On all accounts, though, I have it pretty good, considering that I have a job.

If you missed it, I’m now 25 years old, which feels really weird. I don’t feel like I’m 25 at all. I’m still a few cars behind on the maturity train, but I’m making great progress. It feels good and weird at the same time.  Sometimes I just stop and think to myself “You know, just a year or two ago, I would have reacted to that situation totally differently, yet here I am.”

On the other side of the coin, though, are those instances in which you still react somewhat childishly, even though you know better. After the fact, you’ll be like “What the fuck did I just do? I’m 25… not 5.”.

I think the difference now is that I’m more aware, and I try. I make an effort. Admittedly, I don’t make as much of an effort as I could, but I’m really trying.

I’d like to ramble on and on about that, but I have shit in the house I should probably get done before people start getting home from work. I will probably continue this later when my brain feels like being a little more coherent


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