In protest of SOPA, etc.

Unless you live under a rock or in a cave somewhere, you have probably heard of SOPA. The Stop Online Piracy Act.

This is the video that I’m using as my info source.

SOPA’s intentions may sound good, but it’s far more sinister than that.

If you’re too lazy to watch the video I will paraphrase for you.

“[SOPA] will create new causes of action against a wide range of internet sites for facilitating copyright or trademark infringement.” -The Daily Beast: Internet Anti-Piracy bill would chill free expression

“A simple allegation submitted to financial and advertising networks would be sufficient to start the process”. -The Daily Beast: Internet Anti-Piracy bill would chill free expression

Now, I’m not going to regurgitate all the quotes from the video, but honestly, that shit is insane. Smaller websites wouldn’t be able to handle the legal fees and shit, and they’d never even get off the ground.

And we’re talking mainstream sites. Google. Youtube. Netflix. A blog where you rant about Fox News. All of it. Perfectly legal, but if there’s even a whiff of legal uncertainty, an allegation (whether founded or not)… and that would be all it takes.


If something this crazy is passed, what’s stopping the US from becoming bigheaded in other areas? Freedom of speech my ass. We’re slowly becoming China, or fucking Nazi Germany.

Once they can shut down any website for any reason regarding copyrights, what’s to stop them from shutting down sites where we criticize our government? Little by little our freedoms are being voted away, but we’re too busy talking about Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage to notice. One day we’ll wake up and every waking minute of every day will be monitored.

It sounds sci fi, but if shit like SOPA keeps coming up, it’s not far fetched at all.

Seriously, just go watch the video. I don’t want to steal all the info from there and make it sound like I did a bunch of homework for this…

It’s just that… our voice is all we have. They already censor our radio, our television, our print media… The internet is all that’s left. And our online voice is one of the only things we’ve got left.

Passing this ludicrous bill would stifle creativity and free expression. As someone who bases most of their art on the music they listen to and the movies they see, this bill frightens me. A lot of my art has lyrics in it, or little snippets of lyrics from songs. I name some of my photos after song lyrics.

This stupid bill could shut down almost my entire body of work. Our voice is all we have. My art is my voice. I would prefer not to be silenced. All day today 99 percent of my activity has been me posting anti SOPA material  because I decided that would be more effective than just boycotting the internet for a day.

Honestly, we can’t let this pass. It would kill the internet as we know it.








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