Had a fairly interesting day.

Long time no see, eh?

I’ve been working and really doing little else but getting online (other places, lol) and making art.

Today at work was interesting. It was a noon to 4 shift, so it was really short. The shortest shift they schedule me for. Most of that time I spent with a cool coworker of mine putting stuff out on the floor. So that part was great.

There was however a point when an assistant manager came over and told me that apparently there were two times that my till was off. Once it was off 5 dollars, once it was off 20. Technically, if it’s off over 5 dollars three times, you’re supposed to be terminated. She went on to say that I was really good there and she would hate to see me go over a technicality.

So she just lets me know that I should count change more carefully and scares the shit out of me by saying I’ve been off twice, and then she compliments me.

I didn’t know how to feel about that.

I always thought I was careful about that. I’m going to be a little paranoid at work now.

I mean, I wasn’t in trouble, she was in a good mood when talking to me so I didn’t sense anything more than a good natured warning but it still made me wary.

I have my complaints about this job, anyone does, but for the most part I really enjoy it and I like my coworkers.

Speaking of which, the one I spent most of my day putting items out with? I gave her my cell phone number. We were talking about stuff we would want to buy for our respective houses, and I jokingly went “Dude we should be roommates, I’m not even joking” and I laughed, but she went “I’m not either”. So she’s going to text me after she gets off work. She says she has a friend that lives in an apartment in my town, and that friend said there was an unoccupied apartment there.

I don’t know if that would work. Or if this would even pan out, but it’s exciting to even consider. There’s no way in hell I could afford to move out on my own, but I could do it with a roommate.

But this coworker is cool. We like some of the same things. The only thing I’d really have to worry about is that she is very super allergic to red dye #40, so I would have to be careful about what shampoo/conditioner/etc I used and I would have to be careful about any food I might have that would contain the red dye. I already look at that. When I share candy at work I always look at the ingredients to see if I can share with her. XD

It’s really surprising that kinds of things that contain red dye #40. Everything from body wash and prepackaged food to makeup. It’s really weird.

Anyway, I am starting to ramble. I dunno. This isn’t really a coherent entry but I wanted to get that work stuff off my chest.

It was really nice to be complimented by an assistant manager but that till being off twice threw me for a loop. Like I said, I will just have to pay that much more attention. I dunno. I’m not going to waste my evening stressing about it. I don’t work until 3:30 tomorrow afternoon so I’m planning to stay up kind of late tonight and I don’t want that till thing to fuck it up.

But like honestly. The manager can be a little stern at times but she was in a good, lighthearted, open mood.

And I’m really kind of still flattered that I got a compliment. Sometimes I think I’m a useless slob but the fact that a sometimes stern assistant manager said “you’re good here so I’d hate to see you go over a technicality”. And the fact that she said “technically” made it seem like there have been other people that may have been off more than 3 times and not been fired. I wouldn’t place any bets under that assumption. However, I will just make sure I am doubly careful when giving back change.

I don’t think it was the change that threw me off though. I think it was typing in the amounts people give me to start off with. Maybe bills were sticking together. Maybe we both miscounted. Eh. Whatever the reason, I’ll just have to make sure I’m paying attention to it because like I said, for the most part I like this job and my coworkers (including one I might have a teensy little crush on) and I don’t want to lose that


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