My Howard Jones concert experience, part 2 {photos}

This is the second entry of two about my Howard Jones concert experience. This one is for the photos


I was there ridiculously early. And by ridiculously early, I mean 3 hours before the doors even opened. I sat on a bench in front of the bike shop next door


There is a Chinese restaurant down the street, and one of their fortune cookie slips was blown over in front of the theater.

The inside of the theater. It was really cute. I would definitely go back in the future. Hell. If I lived in Minneapolis, I would love to work here.

I chatted with this wonderful couple while standing outside in line (for over an hour before the doors opened).


You can’t see them very well, but this couple right here were the exact same couple I sat next to when I went to the Thomas Dolby concert back in April. They even remembered I had told them (in April) that I was from Iowa. The woman had a laugh and told me they were working on their bucket list


Since the show was general admission, as soon as the doors opened, I shot straight for front and center and stayed there.  My camera only has 3x zoom, so this shot isn’t much of an exaggeration in regards to proximity.

For his first set, he played his second album, Dream into Action, in its entirety



I really cannot think of any other 57 year old men that can actually pull off sparkly gold trousers.

Seriously. Sparkly gold trousers.


I loved the colors in this shot. I also thought his hair looked like a little blue candle flame.  It was really adorable.


I borrowed a lyric from the song “Hide and Seek” for this little edit.


Howard Jones has a lovely face, and I think he’s aged exceptionally well.


I think this was one of my best pictures of the night. It’s one of my favorites, anyway.


I just really like his hair, okay?


Howard Jones is my new style icon. I just… ugh. The perfection of this outfit is immense. Sparkly gold trousers, a jean colored jacket, a shirt with a trippy dia de los muertos skull design, and a peace sign necklace… this is, on tumblr, what we would affectionately refer to as “outfit porn”.


I really liked how the blue lights hit him in this photo

Now, during one song (I can’t remember which it was. It might have been Specialty, or Bounce Right Back), for a couple lines, he sang right to me, making eye contact the whole time.  I also got to touch his hand briefly. I will touch more on this later but the stupid drunk fans who have to stick their hand out every time he comes round to the front of the stage annoy me. Especially the douche behind me was who held onto Howard’s hand and half fell on me, shoving me into the stage. First of all, that could be dangerous because if you pull too hard he could get yanked right off stage, and secondly, if it was some frail, skinny woman you’d rammed into, she could have been hurt.

Anyway. On with the show.


This was the outfit he wore during his second set, when he performed his first album, Human’s Lib, in its entirety.  That outfit was badass. His tie had a skull on it. I honestly think he could pull off full fledged bondage pants. I feel like I must once again mention how adorable his little pointy hairdo is.


While he did actually play the song “Specialty”, which I borrowed a lyric from, that was during his first set, when he was in the more hippie-ish outfit. I like this so much I think I’m going to get a print of it and get a frame for it. The font is called “i am online with u” and can be found for free on


I loved how the blue lights looked in contrast with the red/pink. I tweaked the color balance towards blue a tiny bit, just to bring out what was already there.


For his encore, he played “New Song”… with a keytar.

Which I loved because he came right up front of the stage. I did use my camera’s pitiful 3x zoom, but he was still literally so close I could have reached out and touched him.

I just wish I had been a little bit taller so my perspective would have been better. But then I’d have pissed off the short people behind me.



After the concert, I bought an autographed dvd, then I went outside because I had hoped to catch him out there. My reasoning was that, at the Dolby concert (though it was at a completely different venue) that he wouldn’t come back out afterwards, so I waited outside for a while.

I considered just calling my cab, but I’m glad I waited. Someone from inside told myself and this old man standing out there that Howard was inside signing autographs and stuff, and told us to get in there because the line was getting shorter.

Thank god for that random messenger in the black tee shirt with the giant red triangle on it.

I practically burst in the doors and got in line. It was actually a pretty short line.

When I got to the front, I showed Howard two drawings I’d done.

and this one.

I told him I’d like to let him have one of these, and he said “If you can bear to part with one, they’re beautiful” and I pretty much could have melted into a puddle right there at his feet.

He chose the Revolution of the Heart one. I asked him if he would please autograph the other drawing for me.

I did feel a little awkward and fangirly when I told him I’d been listening to the Revolution of the Heart album for like a week straight, when I told him that his music had lots of wonderful advice in it, and that Cross that Line had been my favorite album in college. I didn’t let that bother me too much because I figured… this guy’s first album came out 2 years before I was born. He’s been at this a while and I’m sure he’s seen people far more awkward than me. Not counting the girl in the crowd that kept shouting “HOWARD, YOU’RE FABULOUS”. And these other couple fans that pissed me off.

They were around an hour or two before the doors opened, and they caught Howard going inside before the show to do soundchecks, and they got a few autographs. And after the show I saw them in the line to get stuff autographed and their attitude and whole aura just bothered me.

Howard Jones is a musician. He’s not a little autograph printing press. You do not need to have every fucking Howard Jones record you own autographed.

I honestly didn’t understand. People like you are only going to piss the musicians off. They don’t need a bunch of asshole fans just shoving memorabilia in their face to be signed, like you don’t care about him as a person at all.

Sometimes music fans can be little leeches, just constantly being needy little fucking blood sucking parasites, taking and taking and taking and never thinking of it.

The thing is, the musician doesn’t owe you a damn thing. Musicians like Howard are the ones busting their asses on stage several times a week for months on end, and all you can think of is how else you can be a greedy little motherfucker? No.

They’ve given you their music and a kick ass show, they literally owe you nothing else. They’re being nice, staying back and signing autographs for and talking to people, when they could be hurrying up and getting their asses on the road so they can sleep on the tour bus or whatever, but no.


Sorry. I did get off onto a bit of a tangent there. I did (and still do) want to write a separate blog entry about how fans sometimes feel disproportionately entitled to be little leeches who just take and take and take and forget that these musicians are real people, not a host for their parasitic bullshit.

And I was doing so well with trying not to swear, but when I get mad, my profanity deflector shields are pretty weak or simply refuse to work at all.

All in all, it was an amazing experience.  I would love to see him in concert again. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to get a new album from him. I’m not sure.

I don’t think he’s got any plans to retire, but one never knows. I’m just glad I made the decision to go to this concert because this is the first and will be the only tour where he will play his first two albums live.









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