Random musings on my trip

Well, in the last entry, I was expressing concerns about the trip I was trying to plan to see my friend and go to a Howard Jones concert.

Well, my plane tickets are bought and paid for.

I’ll be getting on my first plane on October 29th at 9:50am, which means I’ll be at the airport absolutely no later than 8:50, which means that I’ll probably be getting up at about 7am, having packed the night before. The first flight is a 45 minute flight to the Minneapolis/St Paul airport, which I feel comfortable telling you.

If everything goes as it stands now, I’ll have a few hours to kill, because I don’t get on my next flight until 3:40pm. This was better than when I was considering the 5:40 flight out of my town. But this isn’t the first time I’ve had to kill a few hours in a strange place so I’ll be okay. I enjoy people watching, plus I’m going to bring along my art journal and a small notebook in which I hope to kind of keep a travel diary. Or at least a “I have time to kill in the airport/on the plane” diary.

I’ll be arriving in Chicago at 6:15, where roughly an hour later I will be hopping on the final flight of the day, which will finally take me where I need to go (and like I said… I’m comfortable telling you guys everything else, but the final destination I would rather keep to myself for now). I won’t arrive at my final destination until about 9:40 at night. So basically I’ll spend 12 straight hours in airports and hopping on flights and whatnot.

I’m starting to get excited. As I’ve said before, it’ll be a great adventure. Of course with that comes the nerves. The last time I had to deal with airports, I didn’t actually have to worry about any of the details at all, as it was a family vacation and my parents handled all of that.

But it’s not as if I have flights really close together. After I get to Minneapolis, I have over 5 hours to kill. Once I get to Chicago, I’ve got an hour until my next (and last for the day) plane leaves.

I’ll admit, I more than occasionally have a tendency towards the paranoid, so having an hour is making me a bit nervous, and maybe even a little moreso now that I’ve realized I have no idea how to deal with getting my luggage after I get off each plane (it can’t be difficult, but I’ve never done it before so I’m nervous) , but everything should be fine. And as I said previously, if I never do anything I’ve never done, I’ll never do anything I’ve never done because I’ve never done it.

I guess I understand the old adage about getting there being half the fun. It’ll be such an adventure, with so many firsts for me.  And that’s not even counting when I get to where I’m heading.

It’s a completely irresponsible use of my money, but you’ve heard me go on about how I need to do some of this crazy stupid shit while I can and am still young enough to do it, so I won’t go into too much detail about that again.

Plus, I said before but I completely mean it. Anything short of another close by Thomas Dolby concert, or seeing like… Duran Duran or something, I will not be going to another concert of this nature any time soon. In fact, I won’t be doing much of anything soon except going to work and making student loan payments. And I’ll be cutting out some of the little things, like cancelling netflix and making sure I don’t bring money to work with me unless I’ve got grocery shopping to do or need to put gas in the car.

I’m almost in between two viewpoints. I want the trip to hurry up and get here, but I don’t want it to hurry and be over.  That’s not something I’d have understood as an impatient child wondering how Christmas would EVER get here when it’s SO FAR AWAY and why can’t it just hurry up. The anticipation, the getting there,  is half the fun

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