Just need to do some rambling.

This seems to be how I update the blog… ignore it for months, post two entries two days in a row. I don’t know. I don’t have the notebook with me that I would usually reserve for this type of shit so here we are.

Today at work sucked, as is the norm now. One of the new cashiers is this douchey teenage boy who doesn’t fucking know how to do anything. I try to be abnormally patient because I know I was once a shitty new worker. Part of it probably isn’t his fault, as none of the new cashiers have near the training they’re supposed to have, but it’s super frustrating when it’s busy as fuck and I have to babysit new hires. I didn’t mean to order him around like I’m above him or anything, but I was deliriously tired today and not in the mood for this bullshit. I don’t know. I really hope I wasn’t that annoying when I was a teenager, although I know I probably was. And like it wasn’t all the kid’s fault, but I guess his dad is a CEO of an insurance company or something so he seems like he’s one of these rich little shits that doesn’t need to work for money. Like christ I can think of a billion other ways to spend your shitton of free time than getting a job at a dying kmart store.

I don’t know. I just dread going into work again, like I did when I first started. It’s even more obvious than it used to be that there aren’t nearly enough workers to do the shitloads of work that need to be done, and everyone seems to be frazzled and on their last nerve. I had no idea closing a store would be this hard. People are even less tolerant than before, since we hit the “all sales are final” thing. And the thing is, despite being told all the sale prices were in the system, they’re not, and it’s not my goddamned fault the customer doesn’t say anything until I’m trying to hand them their receipt. Also apparently there’s another new hire that doesn’t know shit marking some stuff.

Damn I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant about work. I’m just at such a weird point in life right now. I’m slowly watching both my house and my workplace empty. The house my family lived in for like thirteen years. I know I’m going to be fully moving to this place (the new place), but I still call the other place home. Honestly, I don’t think this is going to sink in until my bed is here. I guess the place my bed is seems like home. Plus all my records, both my stereos, and my computer are still at the other place. Home is where the records are. Lol.

Honestly I don’t know where I was going with this blog entry… I guess I was just feeling anxious and thought just writing out whatever would make me feel a little better. Anxiety is a weird monster. It doesn’t make any sense for me to stress over things I have absolutely no control over. At times like that even though I know I can’t do a damn thing to change whatever I’m stressing about, I still stress about it. Whatever.

I don’t work until 11am tomorrow, but for some reason I thought I worked at 9am. It made more sense to decide to stay here again tonight when I thought I had to work early tomorrow, but whatever. I’m kind of treating it as a kind of test drive of living here. Except when my room is all in order, I’ll have a door to close so I don’t get a  cat meowing for attention in the small hours of the morning. Well. They might still do that, but at least I won’t have a cat’s butt in my face at 3am.

Honestly it feels like I got no sleep at all lastnight. I mean, I know I got some sleep because I’m pretty sure I had a bizarre dream about oingo boingo, but damn. It’s been a while since I stayed up until 1am, but who knows, I might do it again today. Depends on when the roommate gets home I suppose. Although I don’t have to go to bed at the same time as she does, I will have to stop blaring music on her laptop. I don’t know. Last I knew she was having dinner with her boyfriend’s family… err, fiance’s family I guess.



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