I want to unpack some things in my new room because dad might help me move some boxes here. But he has an appointment this morning, plus he wants to run the snowblower at the “old” place, says he should be back by 10 or so. I keep putting quotes around it when I talk about the “old” house because most of the time when I talk about home I still mean there, and not the place I’m essentially living at now. It’s weird.

I don’t want to move my shit but I want all my shit moved. UGH. MOVING.

The main things I want moved in this trip are my bookcase (which should fit in my back seat), my computer, and these cheap blue shelving units… Also, if dad’s going to be taking a load of stuff in his car, I want my two stereos moved, and perhaps most of my record collection. Because I store my records on the blue shelving units, and my two stereos (one’s a turntable) sit on my bookcase. Also I do want to pack a few more posters/things to put on my walls at the new place.

Since dad didn’t bring his truck, we can’t really move my “old” dresser (it’s in my closet at the old place, as the dresser I’m currently using there is crappy and wouldn’t actually fit in my new room) and I’m kind of antsy for that to happen. Also I’m pretty sure we can’t move my bedframe today either (well it’s taken apart) and it’s like… ugh. I kind of need a couple big things to already be here so I can figure out how I’m going to situate shit in my room. I suppose if I have my bookcase and the two blue shelving units here, I can kind of tell where the other shit can go. Eventually I want to either get rid of those blue shelving things or delegate them to basement storage, but I’ve already spent enough money on shit for the new house. Speaking of which I have a clothes drying rack I should probably put together.

Until the dresser I’m going to use is here I guess I’ll throw my clothes in boxes and stick them in my closet here for now. I want the rubbermaid containers to pack my records and glassware in, as I’m overly paranoidly cautious about these things….and yes paranoidly is a word, because I just made it up.

Also I may tidy up just a tiny bit before I go to pack shit at the old place, just so dad doesn’t walk in here and go “jesus it’s just like your room at home”.

I do hope the roommate doesn’t think I’m trying to like move right in and like control shit. I’ve made sure to be super accommodating and polite (for once in my life lol) and make sure shit is okay with her before I do anything.

Ugh. I need to quit rambling. I’m doing that procrastination thing.


Update: 8:20pm

I wanted to ramble a little more but didn’t think it warranted a second entry today, so here we are.

Got a good amount of stuff moved here to the new place today. My bookcase, my stereo, my computer, another rubbermaid container full of clothes, and a rubbermaid container with some of my records in it. I’m sore as all hell right now, and my allergies are going crazy because of all the dust I kicked up. The roommate’s cats don’t bother me much at all allergy wise, but I’ve had that deceptive “my eyes are tired but the rest of me is awake” bullshit since like noon.

Dad gave me the router we had at the “old” place, but in addition to the fact that I left the software cd at the old place, I just really don’t feel like fucking around with that crap right now. Also, the roommate lets me use her computer all the time, and it’s probably way faster than mine anyway. Right now the roommate’s laptop is connected to the internet (we have corded internet but not wireless here) and I’m a bit wary to mess with anything because I don’t want to fuck up the internet. I’ll be back at the old place like maybe on Friday so perhaps then I’ll remember to grab the cd with the software on it s0 maybe I’ll try to mess with all that stuff then.

Bah. I’m not sure what I want to do now.  I don’t work until noon tomorrow, and the roommate is staying at her boyfriend’s tonight so I can stay up pretty much as late as I’d like


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