I suppose this can count as my “at least fifteen minutes writing about anything” today, even though the entry title isn’t today’s date.

I swear to god. Okay. Cats are cute, namely, my roommate’s cats, but I was awoken at three am this morning by one of them wanting attention by trying to burrow under my blanket.

I guess I don’t appreciate having a bed until I’ve been sleeping on a couch for over a week. Honestly, I really hope dad and I manage to get my bed moved today, and actually put together in my new room here, because I am so not going to have the cats bothering me until 11:30 at night, and then fucking waking me up at 3am. I’m just glad this room has a door that I can close at night to keep the damn cats out. I love cats, but between the house of like 7am-like 11pm… then it’s just like, God just let me sleep.

I guess I can’t blame the cats for it all because like I said, I’ve been sleeping on a couch since I moved in. It was so weird how at first, it felt nice sleeping on a couch with more support than my mattress at the old place, or the air mattress I’d been sleeping on most of the time, since it was way too cold upstairs in my old room (shit it still feels weird saying my old room instead of just my room).

I don’t know. Like I’ve said before, I grew really attached to the old place but there’s a ton of shit I won’t miss about it. Like, how all the “improvements” the landlord made to the place made it colder. And honestly, my old room, I would sometimes have to wear two shirts, a sheet, and two blankets. I even put blankets up over my windows because on windy winter days, I could actually watch my blinds move back and forth. I won’t miss our landlord buying cheap as hell parts to repair things and then bitching about the quality of said parts. Not going to miss him showing up unannounced to work on shit on the outside of our house. And the best one, I’m not going to miss the house being two goddamned different colors. He put yellow siding up on only two sides of the house, and left the back and front sides the old, shitty blue siding. Our front stairs there crumbled and had a huge hole in them, and actually at one point we had a goddamned skunk living under there that only fucked off when we scattered moth balls around our house. So at least that’s something I probably won’t have to deal with here.

I still haven’t met the landlord. The roommate assures me he’s really awesome but I’m paranoid that he’ll be like “NOPE, GET OUT, UR WEIRD”. I suppose as long as the rent is paid he couldn’t give a shit less. That’s still weird to think about, that for the first time in my life I’ll be paying rent. Even though I’m sharing the duty with someone else, it’s weird. I know most of you have probably been paying this stuff for years, but it’s still weird to think about for me.

I mean, it’s about goddamned time because I’m 27 goddamned years old.

It’s just so weird that this is happening. A coworker and I were looking for an apartment, then we found out the store we work at is closing, then we were both like “SHIT NOW WHAT” and then by chance the roommate came into the store one day and was like “I hear you’re looking for a roommate… well I need a roommate”, and like what if I had called in that day or something?

Today’s going to be a busy day so I’m still kind of peeved that I was up at 3am. Dad’s going to show up around 9am to jump start my car, and then I’ll be off to the old place to pack stuff. Dad seems to think there’s a bunch more stuff I need to get rid of or donate to the second hand shop than there actually is. I’ll probably have the parents store my prom dresses at their new place, and I’ll see if I can find another box or two’s worth of stuff they can store for me. And I should probably see what’s in the basement and have them store some of that stuff too, as there just isn’t room for some of that shit here (i.e. boxes with old school papers in them and such).

I’d go back to bed but I’ve already had coffee. Whatever. I figure, if I spend all morning doing shit in the house, maybe I can buzz back here by the afternoon and see if I can’t take a nap or something.


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