Eh. I don’t really have any particular reason for writing this entry today except boredom.

Today was pretty uneventful, actually. I worked on a drawing this morning, watched a movie, did a load of laundry, then went to work… then got home and promptly got irritated because the roommate’s high tech (to me) washing machine would not quit beeping. Even though I hit cancel, and even though there were no clothes in it. It went on for about half an hour and then I just went FUCK IT and unplugged it because I am not going to listen to three beeps, every 10 seconds, all goddamn night long.

I haven’t done much work in my room lately, and actually there are a couple boxes of crap still in my car because I just can’t be arsed to mess with that shit right now. I still have some clothes at the old place, and I feel like I’m really not going to be motivated to mess with it until my dresser is here, along with the rest of my clothes. Once my dresser is in the new room here, I can figure out if I’m going to have room to move those two cheap blue shelving units from my closet into my actual room, or if they’re going to be used to store shit in the basement… but I kinda want at least one of them out in my room because I stored my records on them in my old room.

I thought dad texted me saying he’d be at the old place today, but I’m guessing he didn’t know I worked 3-9. And I haven’t gotten any texts from him. I really don’t want to mess with all the crap that’s still in my old room, but I want my w2 form so I can send in my tax return, as I’ll be needing it to help pay rent once the place I work closes for good in April. I should be getting about the same amount as I got last year, which was about 1000 bucks. I’m going to put most of that away, but I think for the little part of it that I’m going to selfishly use on something I don’t need, I’m going to get a tattoo I’ve been wanting for a long time. 20140313_230327

I designed it based on a tattoo Danny Elfman has.  I wouldn’t have felt right copying his tattoo outright, but I really like the concept. I want to put it on the inside of my left forearm, with the tail dots on my wrist. On the other forearm are going to be the words “friction and harmony”, from the oingo boingo song “Elevator Man”. I was originally going to put both the lizard and the lyric on the same arm, but I don’t know that it’d all fit. I’m not sure if the tattoo people would have to blow up the lizard picture a little in order to be able to tattoo it on my arm… I have to be careful when I design things for tattoos because I tend to get pretty small and intricate, and a tattooed line can only get so thin.

I don’t know if I’ll get all of that at one time, depending on the cost. The lyric tattoo I have right now cost 100 bucks, I can only assume it’s going to cost at least that much for each tattoo. Maybe a little less for the “friction and harmony” thing because it’s a way shorter lyric than my other lyric tattoo, but I guess it could matter which font I decide to use… so I guess we’ll see. I plan on going back to the place I got my other tattoo at, because I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

That’ll pretty much be my only bullshit purchase with my tax return. I’ll be able to get unemployment after the place I work closes for good, but I want most of that tax return put away as “just in case” money, or to tide me over until I can find another job.

Let’s see. What else.

I’m only on the second day of it, but I’ve started doing a little bit of yoga. I looked up some beginners poses, and I’ve decided I’m going to do those every day until they start being easy for me, then maybe I’ll move on to some more difficult ones. This is stuff I can actually do in the privacy of my own room, so I don’t have to feel self conscious about it. I mean, the past two days the roommate has spent at her boyfriend’s (err, fiance’s) so I’ve been able to just do them (the poses…lol) in the middle of the living room.

Bah. I’m tired. I don’t work until 10am tomorrow but I’m kinda running out of steam. As far as writing this goes. I may still be on tumblr for a while, but I’m at that point of the night where I don’t want to do anything that requires a whole lot of higher thinking


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