Bah, or I’m Sick of this Moving BS and I Wish it Were Over With

I’m sore everywhere.

Well, almost everywhere. Bah.

Yesterday, I moved a metric fuckload of my stuff from the old house. In fact, almost all my stuff is now here with me at my new place. Only a few items left at the old place for now, but my parents paid rent through the end of the month so I’m not too worried about it for now.

It’s still pretty weird to think about. After this month, we’re officially out of the house. It won’t be our house anymore, and it won’t be our street anymore. I’m going to miss that street, and actually during the summer when I make trips to the lake (which I’m still going to do, it’ll just be more of a day trip thing) I think I’m still going to take that street, just for the hell of it. Actually, more than anything else, I think I’m going to drive down that street just to see how long it takes the stupid landlord to work on the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two years down the road the house still has two different colors of siding on it.

I’m not going to miss that landlord, or the huge mud pit the driveway currently is (because said landlord won’t pave the driveway), or the way the bathroom door doesn’t close all the way, or how I have to kick the door for it to shut all the way. And I sure as hell won’t miss how cold my room was in that old place. There’s tons of shit I’m not going to miss, but as I’ve previously said, we lived there for 13 years. Like, if a kid was born right when we moved in, they’d now be a teenager. It seems really weird when I put it like that. I did film myself walking through the house. I’m adjusting fairly well to living here, but that place still feels kind of like home… I’m thinking of trying to build that house on the sims or something, so I want to remember what it looks like. Although, for fuck’s sake, I’ve only been living at the new place full time since Feb. 28th, I’m not going to forget overnight.

I also might go through my old flash drives and whatnot and put together an album of photos taken in that house and like post it to facebook or something. Or maybe I’ll make an instagram or something. I do have a smartphone now

There’s a bunch of boxes sitting here in the new place, and I did manage to work on stuff for a couple hours tonight… which is more than I thought I’d do because I was so bushed from work.

I put up a few more posters in my room, and put some glow in the dark stars on my ceiling (I’M AN ADULT, SHUT UP). Since I don’t trust the stepstool my roommate has any farther than I could throw either of them, I’ve been using a chair, and it was stepping off that chair that made my left knee go “HOLD UP JACKASS DON’T DO THAT” and now my goddamn knee really hurts. Like I can still walk but ugh, work tomorrow is going to ROCK.

Speaking of which, I work at 9am, and I would already be in bed, except a friend of mine is seeing a band which several former members of oingo boingo are playing with, and I have to stay up to get her texts, because there’s a good chance she could meet Steve Bartek and I’m so excited for her I could just piss, and I obviously need to hear about her night the second it’s over. Sleep is for chumps. Eh. As long as I get to bed no later than 3am I can still get enough sleep to function at work. I kinda doubt I’ll get anything productive done, so I’ll probably just end up either pissing around on tumblr, playing skyrim, or watching a movie… whatever. Although if I put on a movie I’ve seen a bazillion times I could always kind of half pay attention to it while doing the dishes or something. Meh

Honestly I’m so excited for my friend I just started jumping up and down in my kitchen. Like, I really wish I was there too, but considering how excited I am and I’m not even there, I can’t even imagine what I’d be like if I was actually there. UGH. I mean, she adores this guy probably more than I adore Thomas Dolby and that is saying something.

I’m gonna…. go do stuff. I haven’t decided yet


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