What a day.

Well it actually kind of starts last night, in which after the roommate and I ordered a pizza and said  roommate left for her boyfriend’s house, I decided to have a couple beers and watch Forbidden Zone, the dvd I ordered of it having come in a day prior (It was definitely a trip…worth the price of the entire movie just to see Danny Elfman as Satan).  A couple beers turned into two beers and three mixed drinks… albeit weak mixed drinks. Got decently drunk, but then drank a ton of water because I knew I had to do stuff the next day.

Ended up staying up until like 2:30 in the morning listening to oingo boingo.  And I still fucking woke up for the day at 7:30 in the morning. Dad had originally told me to show up at the old place at 10 am, but I got a text at little after 8am saying I could show up any time.

What he wanted to do was, drive the small moving van he rented to he and mom’s new house, and for me to follow behind him in his new truck (we call it a toy truck because it’s so small) and ugh. I knew I needed to help out, but I hate driving on the interstate (which we only have to do for a little while for this drive, but still). After the initial paranoia, I was pretty calm for the drive, and I actually somewhat enjoyed it because I got to blare one of my favorite oldies stations, and it was replaying a top 40 countdown from 1975.

I mean, I say I was calm, and I mean it in the sense that I didn’t have a shit ton of anxiety, but I was kind of tense for the whole thing. If that makes sense. I was calm but I was still kind of uncomfortable driving a route I’d never actually driven myself (though I’d been along for the ride many times before) and I actually drove out of state for the first time, although it was just to like Praire du Chien  so it’s not like I went on a road trip.

I helped dad unload the moving van, but dad got most of the heavy stuff. Then we went and dropped the moving van off, stopped off briefly at my grandparents’ house (mom said I should probably at least make an appearance). Then he drove back to the old place. I helped mom wash off some shelves and whatnot, then we went out to eat (mexican food… the best) and now I’m here and I’m really exhausted. I did take a shower because I was starting to stress out over nothing and I figured the shower would help me relax.

It’s just weird because, tonight actually was the last time I’ll see the old house. It’s official, I no longer have a house key for that house. That’s why I stayed at the old place for a little bit and helped mom clean some stuff in the kitchen… Because I figured, I should probably help, plus it’d be the last time I’d ever be inside that house.

I mean, like I’ve said ad nauseum in these entries, we’ve lived there for like 13 years, so there will be stuff I miss about living there, but overall I’m really not going to miss the place. I am just so glad I don’t ever have to park in that fucking mud hole of a driveway. I actually flipped off the muddy driveway a few times because it made me feel better. The only thing I’m kind of sad about was there is a cute tiny little pine tree that’s sprouted like right by the back door, and I had half a mind to pull it out and plant it here, but I’m pretty good at killing plants so I decided against it. The only two indoor plants I haven’t killed dead are my bamboo plant, and an orchid plant I got at my workplace like after last christmas (i.e. christmas 2012)

Fuck’s sake, I really need to start winding down… I don’t work until 2 tomorrow, but I still have some sleep debt from last night to catch up on, in addition to being exhausted as fuck from this day. Shit. Even if I got a decent amount of  sleep I was basically busy all day from fricking 9:30 in the morning until about 9pm tonight and I am totally bushed


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