Meh, again.

There’s really nothing doing again so I guess I’m only writing this because I’m restless. Also the roommate is still in the bathroom from showering and I need to pee, and I need a distraction.

Today the roommate and I played Nancy Drew games on her laptop all day long, which is all well and good but I still feel bad that the only productive thing I did all day was the dishes.

Last night I had a few beers and the roommate and I watched movies. While I didn’t get like super wasted or anything, I’ve still spent my entire day feeling like I wasn’t quite awake. Or like I was playing a very realistic video game and wasn’t actually physically doing anything. One of those trippy days where it doesn’t feel quite real. I can’t tell if it’s the pms or the fact that I drank a few beers last night. Probably a bit of both. Either way, I think I may be done drinking for a while, just because I’m tired of feeling like shit for most of the next day.

Actually, it depends on what my family is doing for easter. I don’t have enough money to put enough gas in my car to drive to my parents’ place (it’s like 2 hours away), and they haven’t gotten back to me as far as what they’re doing. My roommate’s 21st birthday is on the 21st, and while I’m not exactly sure what her family has planned, if I’m around for that I’ll participate to an extent. If my parents are willing to pick me up, however, I’ll miss the roommate’s birthday, which she told me is okay. I just wish I knew what my family decided. I mean, while the 20th is Easter (and my sibling will be back from their internship in DC), I completely understand if my parents aren’t willing to spend the money to pick me up (or send me gas money to drive myself).

Which makes me think of something else. If my parents don’t want to spend the money it’ll be the first easter I won’t have spent with my family. Which is bound to happen sooner or later, because I’m an adult, it’ll just be weird. The roommate’s mom hinted that if I was around for easter I would be welcome to join them, but I don’t know, that might be a little awkward. If nothing else, I’ll stay home and dye the two dozen eggs I bought yesterday.

Idk. I wish I’d managed my money a little better, but even without the 45 dollar splurge I shouldn’t have gone on, I wouldn’t have had enough gas money to get to and from my folks’ place. Maybe for the trip there, but my car is run down and gets shit gas mileage, so  I would definitely need gas money to get back home.

I guess it depends on what they want to do. Even though it would be nice to chill at their place for a few days and hang out with my sibling, I am going to feel really guilty if they spend the money on gas to pick me up.

I feel bad enough that the sibling and I weren’t around to help with the baking mom always does around easter.

I can’t think about this shit right now, I’m bound to get pms emotional about it even though I normally don’t give a fuck.




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