Easter plans.

I have an hour until work, and the roommate took her copy of Fable III to her boyfriend’s house. Long story, she left her keys in her boyfriend’s car and so she can’t actually come home until he gets off work. She got his mom to bring her here briefly to grab a few things. And the game was one of those things.


I have finally found out what the family is doing for easter. They’re picking up my sibling from the airport on the 19th, which is coincidentally also my workplace’s last day ever. I would go with but everyone has to work on the last day, which I think is rubbish but whatever.

Anyway, they’re picking up my sibling on the 19th (which is Saturday) and then on Sunday, they’re going to come here (around 10am-ish), and we’re going to go out for easter dinner and spend the day in town. Which means they will actually see the house, which means we (the roommate and I) need to clean the house.

Well. At least the living room and the kitchen. I couldn’t be arsed to do anything except dishes before work here, so I’m planning to tidy up a little bit after work. As long as the roommate is stuck at her boyfriend’s house (yeah they’re gonna get married in late June, but it’s just easier to call him her boyfriend) she’ll probably spend the night there anyway. Ugh. Talking about tidying up makes me wish I didn’t have to work so I could just start doing that shit now. Dad has already seen the place look like crap but it’ll be the first time the entire rest of my family will see it and I would at least like to make it look like we aren’t slobs. I mean, even if they don’t hang out here for very long.

Plus I’ve been meaning to tidy up anyway.  There’s still a ton of my stuff I haven’t bothered to unpack and I still haven’t gotten on putting away my clothes in the dresser/closet and actually making my room look presentable, but I just can’t be bothered with that right now in regards to my room.

As I’ve said before, we don’t have wireless here, just wired internet on the roommate’s laptop. I can’t see myself actually spending time in my room until we do have wireless internet. So, it’s kind of like it was before at the old house, before my computer was upstairs in my room. I am never in my room, except to sleep, so right now I don’t give a shit what it looks like. However, when I do actually start spending time in my room, that is when I will want to be able to see the floor and actually keep my bed made.

Maybe once all the stress over my workplace closing is over, I’ll actually want to do some of this shit.

Speaking of which, I am starting to get pretty stressed about the fact that holy shit in two days I won’t have a job. What am I going to put on my applications now? I can’t exactly put down the address and phone number for a store that won’t even be there anymore, but I suppose I can write somewhere “store went out of business in April 2014) and maybe give them contact info for like corporate or something.

And I know where one of my former managers at the store works now (it’s at a hardware shop in my old town) so some time I’ll have to make a trip there and ask if he could give me a letter of recommendation, which he offered to do for people before he got his new job.

Anyway, after the store is officially closed (and after easter of course) I’m going to apply for food stamps, and get the ball rolling on applying for unemployment.

I wonder how much I’ll get. Will I be able to get a decent amount since for the past couple months I’ve actually gotten a decent amount of hours? Or will they go on the average amount I used to make before the store closing was announced? The realities are starting to hit me. I’m fairly sure I can get food stamps, so I’ll probably have enough for rent if food is taken care of, but what if for some reason I don’t get food stamps? And what if I don’t have enough for rent? And what if I can’t find another job to help if unemployment doesn’t pay enough to cover rent?

Ugh. I’m starting that ‘what if’ anxiety bullshit again, which then leads to the “Then I won’t get food stamps then I won’t be able to pay rent then I’ll get kicked out then I’ll be homeless” crap which I really don’t need before a tediously boring six hour shift at work. I almost wish I could just be done with it, but hell, three more shifts (two after today’s), that’s like 130 bucks more I’ll have before the store closes.

I guess I won’t start really stressing until after I get the last paycheck from the place. We just got paid on Monday so after this week is over, I’ll have one more week to wait before we get our final paycheck. And my portion of the bills (which will be about 100 bucks this month) will have to come out of that, since rent came out of my paycheck on Monday.

Ugh. Why did I sit down to write this before work? I thought it would kill some time, but now I’m all stressed and shit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be glad I’ll never have to step into that store ever again after Saturday, but now I’m starting to actually process all the store closing stress that I’ve been putting off.

I don’t care. When I leave the store for the last time, on the last day, I’m still saying “Bye fuckers” loudly before I leave. Although not over the intercom, which I have thought about. Even if I had the balls to actually do it, I’m not sure it’s the best idea, even if it would be really fun.

But I mean, even a small break from retail should be fun. Maybe I can do more art and sell some shit on etsy. Maybe I can actually spend more time cooking real food instead of just shit you can microwave, or premade meals that take ten minutes to heat up on the stove.

Ugh. Only half an hour before work, which means a maximum of 15 minutes until I absolutely have to leave, and I don’t like cutting it that fine.


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