My easter.

Most of it went rather well. My parents and sibling showed up around 11ish (not 10ish as I’d previously thought). We went out to eat at china buffet, which was fun (at the time). Then the folks took me to dollar tree and bought me a few things for my house (a bread pan so we can make banana bread, a couple kitchen towels, a loaf of bread, etc). Then we came back to hang out at my place for a bit. I wanted to give dad a chance to nap a little, and my sibling was dying to play skyrim. By then it had been long enough so we went out for slushies (the girl was new and did not know how to work the tropical sno machine, which was fine whatever). Then we went and hung out at the park for a bit. It was a fun day, overall.

Then, since I wanted to celebrate getting through 2 years and 7 months working a job I hate, I decided I would get drunk. Which didn’t even work that well because the apple pie shot the roommate’s mom made us (a whole apple juice jug full) was not as strong as I anticipated. It was more of a sustained buzz than anything else.

I then decided to finally watch boingo’s farewell concert on youtube. Except for a few sniffles during “we close our eyes” I made it through the entire concert without crying, until I got to the aftermath video, and on turned the waterworks, long after I was finished watching the thing on youtube. I have avoided watching this concert for a  long time. Mainly because I knew after watching it I would really have to admit that, although most of the members are still active in some way, the band is no longer a thing.

I know I say it all the time, but this band has been so important to me in just the 7 months I’ve known about them (I think it’s 7… I discovered them at the beginning of October last year) and I was just kind of getting emotional over it. Which I figured would happen.

Anyway, it was about then that I noticed that my abs really hurt. I attributed that to the fact that I wore high heels I almost never wear because I wanted to look good at easter dinner (even if it was just to a chinese buffet) but the pain persisted…all night long. I was up the entire night with the worst stomachache that I can remember. I kept having to get up like once an hour to use the bathroom, and a couple times I was sitting in there with the trash can in my lap because I was sure I was going to hork. I had to prop up a bunch of pillows and a couple oversized stuffed animals to sleep sitting up because the heartburn was marginally less awful while doing so. I don’t think I got any sustained sleep until like 8 or 9 am this morning.

I’ve still had to get up every hour or two to go to the bathroom. I dragged myself to the grocery store to get chicken broth, ginger ale, and some lemon ginger tea, and a couple of on sale cadbury creme eggs for when I feel like I can actually eat solid food without wanting to gag.

Honestly, I had to hold my breath when driving past a couple of restaurants because the smell was just nauseating. I thought about buying crackers but the thought of actually eating solid food is just disgusting.

The only reason I’m not trying to nap now is that I’m drinking some tea and although I’m no longer in danger of barfing everywhere my abs are still sore, which I’m guessing actually is from those heels I wore.

Honestly I think it was the shrimp I ate, because the other members of my family all ate similar food and none of them are sick, but I think I was the only one who ate some shrimp. Either way I have a feeling it’ll be quite a while before I feel like eating anything remotely Asian again. Which is great news for the 12 pack of ramen I bought the other day. Whatever.

I did want to be a part of my roommate’s 21st birthday celebration today, but I’m not sure what her folks have planned (and she’s not home so I can’t ask). Plus even if the nausea goes away I’m not sure I could stay awake that long. Plus I’ve officially got 2 bucks to my name until my final k-derp check in a week.

I think I’m going to either find another distraction or try to nap


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