To do tomorrow.

Eh. I figured writing a short bit about it would ease my anxiety.

So, I can’t remember if I said here or not, but I found out I can get 76 dollars a week from unemployment, which is about 300 a month. It’s enough to cover rent, and the monthly bills average 80-100 dollars a month. So money will still be really tight but I’ll have my portion of rent and bills and that was really my main worry.

Tomorrow we get our very last kmart check, so there are some things I need to do. Firstly, I need to go to the library to print off a couple copies of my very last kmart pay stub. I need two copies because I’ll need one copy to put with my food stamps application, and the second I’ll need for the unemployment people. I’m not going to be worried if I can’t get unemployment straight away this week, being my last kmart pay day and all. But I mean it wouldn’t hurt.

I also need to, as I mentioned, go turn in my application for food stamps. I really hope I don’t need my social security card and can just give them my social security number. If I need the card, it’s two hours away at my parents’ house, locked in a fireproof lockbox. So I really hope they don’t need the physical card, otherwise I’ll be making some phone calls to the parental units.

I’m also going to open up a checking account at the same bank my roommate uses because she’s had really good things to say about them, and truthfully I’m sick of banking with CL bank and trust. I can’t afford to have a minimum of 100 bucks I can’t use, tucked away in a savings account. The bank my roommate uses has a much lower limit. I guess it depends on exactly how much I get paid tomorrow. Which I can’t expect to be a whole lot.

I wish I could have taken care of some of this earlier. I mean I’m not sad I had an entire weekend to piss away but I literally spent the entire day in front of the computer yesterday and am well on my way to such today. It was shitty and thunderstormy for the entire morning (which I actually kind of enjoyed, to be honest) and even though the sun is out it’s still windy as shit out. I’m actually enjoying it because it makes me feel less bad about the fact thatI haven’t actually left the house once this entire weekend. Except earlier to pick up a couple of big tree branches that fell in our yard, but I’m not sure that counts since I didn’t actually leave the yard for that.

Sometimes that’s nice, though, for my biggest achievement today having been finishing all the episodes of Bob’s Burgers on netflix. I’m trying to think if I’m in the mood for a video game or to watch the last season of adventure time that’s on netflix. Oops. I promise tomorrow I’m actually going to be productive but for now I’ll enjoy being a slob



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