Still bored.

I had this illusion that once my job ended I would use the time to do something productive but I haven’t done jack shit. Except filling out applications, that is. I need to clean out my car, and clean my room, and tidy up the living room. The roommate and I are pretty alike which is generally a good thing but it means we’ll literally both have our dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and just throw our stuff on the couch when we get home.

All I really needed to do today was report in for this week of unemployment, which I did. I can’t check the balance of my unemployment issued debit card until Tuesday, but even so, I feel like I should leave the house for some reason.

I did actually drive back to my old town yesterday (it’s like a 25 minute drive, not a big deal) for shits and giggles, but other than that I really haven’t gone anywhere unless the roommate was driving and asked if I wanted to go.

Actually, before I went to my old town yesterday, the roommate, her mom, and I went to a couple church rummage sales (we had intended to go around to different garage sales but the pickings were pretty slim). I did manage to buy an old orange suitcase (that’s in really good shape) for like 1.50, and a poloroid camera for 2 bucks.

Then I got some mail that I had been waiting on. With part of my last kmart paycheck I bought myself a couple of oingo boingo tee shirts, and a couple of their cds for super cheap. I’m actually still waiting on one of them.

I hadn’t actually intended to go out after the roommate’s mom dropped us back off at home, but I got excited and decided, fuck it, I’ll go. Mostly because I wanted to blare my new cds in the car. I drove past our old house, and now the landlord decides to start working on the siding, and putting in a new picture window, which he’d literally been talking about doing for YEARS. What an idiot. I did notice a panel of glass leaning up against the house, and a corner of it was broken. Now, I don’t wish harm on the guy but I was thinking “Christ I hope that’s the new window he wanted to put in and now it’s all fucked up”. Which probably makes me a bad person. Whatever.

When I dislike someone I wish inconvenience on them, not harm. Like, I want them to be wearing white pants and then fall in a mud puddle, or like, get a flat tire, or to be walking on a rainy day and have some car speed by and splash them.

Anyway, I stopped at the grocery store that’s only like a mile from our old house. They have different single bottles of beer that you can use to make your own six pack, so I decided that’s what I would do with my evening. For the record, I only picked one beer I’d actually tried before, all the others were ones I’d never tried, and I honestly was only impressed with one of them I’d never heard of before and whose name escapes me at the moment.

Anyhoo, I was sitting at the computer at like 10:30 last night, almost ready to get ready for bed, and then the roommate called me and asked if I was doing anything, because the landlord wanted to meet me.

So I had two more beers while sitting around a firepit in the landlord’s backyard. It was fun, but now the blanket I covered up with while there smells like campfire. Which I’m not actually sure I mind too much.

Anyway, before I went off on a tangent, I was saying, I both want to leave the house today and am trying to convince myself not to. I can’t really get a haircut today because I don’t know of any haircut place open on a Sunday, plus, I have to go out on Tuesday anyway.

My plan for Tuesday is to check my debit balance.Even if there is money on there, I really can’t afford to spend it on anything because I’ll need to put it away for rent and bills. Then, I’m going to go turn in my food stamps application, and then go get a haircut. I plan on picking up a few applications from the few places I know of that actually still do paper applications. I’ll either fill a couple out, as per my unemployment requirements, or if there are enough, save a couple back in case I don’t find any jobs to apply for for some week in the future.

My day today has felt odd. I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 but I still woke up at like 7:30. I literally got up, booted up the computer, and played sims 3 for at least 6 hours straight. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying my temporary reprieve from working retail, but I honestly wish I had a job so I wouldn’t be sweating so much about money.

On that note, I really hope for once that I only find a part time job because if I work over 30 hours a week I won’t be eligible for unemployment anymore and you can be damn sure they’re paying me every dollar I’m eligible for.

I never knew being an adult was so fucking stressful, and I don’t have nearly as much to deal with as most of the adult population here. But that’s another rant for another day.

I’m off to probably just piss around on facebook or play more sims because I honestly don’t feel like doing anything else. I didn’t really sleep that well lastnight



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