Haven’t updated in a while. Oops.

Since roommate #1 took her laptop and we got my computer hooked up to our internet, I haven’t updated here. Mainly because my computer is so slow I have to use chrome, and lately chrome has not been letting me log on here because of some “security certificate issue with my connection” or some bullshit and it won’t let me through until it can verify I’m using the real wordpress.

I obviously am because I finally got firefox to actually boot up. Honestly, the only reason I still have firefox on this computer at all is so I don’t have to stoop so low as to use IE when chrome is having problems.

I was having another emotional freak out earlier which is why I wanted to write an entry in the first place, but firefox took so long to load that I’ve almost forgotten exactly what I wanted to say.

I was just freaking out because it’s PMS and I’m always fucking insane and mood swingy during PMS. But also because, I’ve had so many interviews lately and at least 2 of them I got rejection emails for. I got my unemployment money on my card today and it’s only 68 dollars, and my portion of the bills is supposed to be 90. I guess I’ll just have to give roommate #1 that and then pay her back if I ever get a job.

My credit is so bad I can’t even get approved for a low credit limit amount credit card for emergencies. I still haven’t gotten my tax return and I filed it in late March. I still haven’t called the repair place about my car, which has been stuck in the grocery store parking lot for over a week now (they’re a 24 hr grocery store which is probably the only reason it hasn’t been towed yet). I’m over 250 dollars behind on my student loan payments, and need to call the loan person at the college I never graduated from to see about temporarily getting the payments lowered, or getting the loan deferred.

That last one, I’m probably going to call on Monday. I just don’t feel up to making a phone call today. I could barely make myself change the cat box earlier, let alone anything else.

I’m going to try to distract myself for the moment. I’ve been mostly using my facebook Note app to write shit down that I would normally put here. And honestly most updates are probably still going to happen there, because it honestly took me 20 minutes to get on here on firefox, between the program being unresponsive and shit

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