New job blahs.

I’m already looking for another job. Little less than a month ago I started working at a store that sounds like chop co.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been in trouble or anything, and I’ve been told I’m doing a good job, but I’m just so fucking bored with it already. Even when there is a steady stream of customers, time drags on and on and on. It’s fucking torture.

And I’m sick 0f all the shit you have to say. You can’t even ask them if they found everything okay, it has to be “how was ur shopping” or like “how was ur shopping experience” and that’s the stupidest fucking thing. Nobody knows how to answer that question and they all laugh awkwardly and say some stupid shit they think is funny but that I’ve already heard 8 billion times and I’ve barely been there a month.

I know everyone takes time to adjust to a new job and everything, but I’m already so fucking bored of this one that I dread going to work every day. Every single day has been like this. Even when there are like 3 customers in every line, time barely moves at all.

And there’s this one manager, holy fuck, she hovers constantly and is like one of those people that acts so nicey nice all the time it makes you want to puke. It’s like, jesus christ, quit hovering and go fucking bother someone else. I’m already self conscious enough being new, and maybe her intentions are good because she figures I need help, but she just ends up making me feel more nervous.

Overall, I just really hate this job already. I mean, I’ve been kissing major ass, and in less than a month I’ve taken 3 shifts on days off when they’ve called me and said someone else called in and would I take the shift. It’s like, I need money, but this fucking job is so boring, I honestly don’t have any idea how I make it through every shift without either fucking falling asleep or losing my goddamn mind.

They don’t let you keep water bottles at the register, so every time I get home I always chug a huge glass of water because I was so thirsty from work. I don’t know how they feel about me going to the water fountain at least once an hour but if they don’t let us have water bottles, it’s what they’re going to have to put up with.

But like, christ, the store is usually dead, and with at least 2 cashiers, never fewer than 2, there’s nothing to do. God forbid people actually have to fucking wait in line.

One thing that is exactly the same as Kfart is that when you page for a price check and you have to page like 2 more times because they don’t hear you, and it takes ages. Meanwhile the customers are all being impatient little shits, tapping their foot, making that clicking sound with their tongue, peering their heads around the line like I can magically do something about the fact that the ugly sequined shirt this old lady is buying doesn’t have a upc on it. And I’ve found that a lot of their clothes don’t even have the upc number on a tag inside the shirt, like all the clothes did at Kfart.

The boredom honestly kills me though. They don’t bring up anything for us to do at the registers when it’s slow. We just have to fucking stand there because ‘they want us to be ready for customers and when we do other stuff we don’t see customers’ and it’s all just fucking bollocks.

It’s nice from a shopping standpoint because I have never seen that store super full at all, but it sucks ass from the workers’ standpoint. Maybe I should have applied to be a stock room person or something. At least I’d have something to fucking do.

I mean, I’m biased because I hate retail with every single cell in my body, but I’ve been here barely a month and I’m already bored with it.

I wish I could go back to being a dishwasher so bad.

And like, I hated Kfart with a passion, but I’d rather still be there than have to be at this new job. If I can’t have the sorts of jobs I really want anyway, I might as well have a job that doesn’t require a whole lot of brainpower and a job where they fucking leave me alone to do my work, away from idiot customers. It’s so fucking draining having to kiss customer ass for a living


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