Work was annoying as shit today. First I had cramps, then I felt that weakish kind of “Fuck can I sit down plz” feeling, then I was just pissy and annoyed and depressed the whole time. I did get a half hour break and two 15 minute breaks, so I only ended up working 6 and a half hours, which is only an hour more than my usual shifts, but it was just draining.

Also the stupid snack machine ate one of my dollars so I ended up spending 2 bucks on a damn muffin instead of just one. Idk. I was just at that stage of PMS where everything pisses me off or annoys me.

Also, I guess a guy from the city mowed our lawn because there was a complaint about it. Roommate #2  said the dude that mowed it was totally cool about it, but I’m like, really? So not only did the neighbors not say anything to us, the landlord didn’t either. I had to hear that the landlord was annoyed from roommate #1 and she doesn’t even fucking live here anymore.  I don’t care anymore, but when I was still at work I was fucking obsessing over it. It’s over, we don’t have to worry about it until the grass grows some more.

I’m going to go shopping around for a manual lawn mower, just to get an idea of prices and stuff. If I can’t find anything in a decent price range, next time I’ll ask a neighbor if we can borrow their lawn mower, if it comes to that.

I was really bothered by this stuff earlier, but now I got it out and feel a bit better.


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