Annoyed again.

Ok so  you know how I said that some dude from the city mowed our lawn because there was a complaint? The landlord got fined 75 bucks for it, so now that’s an extra 37 bucks each the roommate and I owe the landlord in addition to the rent, and whatever we owe for bills this month. I was not fucking planning on that. I hope I make a decent amount on my other paycheck that I’ll get this month. I’m supposed to have tomorrow, and Friday off. I definitely don’t want them to call me tomorrow, but if they call and ask if I’ll work on Friday, I’ll probably do it. And actually, if they call me tomorrow, it depends on how long the shift is. If it’s another one of those 7 and a half hour things, I probably won’t, but if it’s just a normal 5 and a half hour shift, I might do it.

I’m still annoyed that the landlord never actually came to us about the lawn. He obviously had to have driven past because he knew it was overgrown, but not once did he actually stop, knock on our door, and ask us to do something about the lawn. I had to hear this from roommate #1, on facebook no less, because her cell phone is out of service. We initially thought the landlord put the complaint in, but if he got fined that obviously was not the case.

I’m still also annoyed at the neighbors. If they had a problem with our lawn, the could have come to us first, instead of being passive aggressive little shitheads and putting in a goddamned complaint to the city.

It’s like, roommate #2 and I are just trying to survive. She’s a waitress and works nearly every night. I’m getting adjusted to a new job after 2 months being unemployed. Actually, more like 2 and a half months. But whatever. We’re poor, I only just moved here at the end of February, and this was the first time in my entire life I haven’t lived with my parents. I’m trying, but if we’re going to have shitty passive aggressive neighbors like this, idk how great I’ll feel about living here.

I mean, remember when neighbors actually fucking cared about each other and helped each other out? Instead of being fucking wusses and just putting in a goddamn complaint to the city.

I’m sorry, I’m really not a social person, the mere thought of introducing myself to the neighbors makes me legit panic, so I get it, you don’t know me, but if I had a complaint about one of my neighbors the least I would do is put a damn note in their mailbox because I fucking went to the city.

And like, I don’t want to give our landlord the impression that we’re shitty people, but I feel like it’s kind of roommate #1’s fault for not getting to us about this sooner, I mean the first I heard that the landlord was annoyed was like, yesterday.

Still. I know we go through roommate #1 still, since she is technically related to the landlord now, but he could still tell us this shit. Does he assume that just because roommate #1 knows, that we automatically know? So I mean, maybe he thought roommate #1 already told us, but he just needs to come to us with this shit. If he’s been by the place enough to know that the yard looks like shit, he could park for 2 minutes and ask us to mow it, or at least tape a note to the door or something. I’m going to try not to obsess over that, but it’s really kind of grinding my gears.

Speaking of, roommate #1 says she’s coming over at like 7goddam am tomorrow to clean the basement, in case the landlord does come over (let’s just say the cats do whatever the fuck they want in the basement and leave it at that). So now I have to get up early on my damn day off.

And then that gives me more anxiety, because what if the landlord does come over, then I’ll be freaking out because I’ve only met him once. And like, really, we didn’t mean to let the lawn get that bad, it’s just that we don’t own one and roommate #1’s mom’s lawn mower (which we normally use) had been broken so we hadn’t had a chance to get it mowed. I feel bad, I don’t want the landlord to think we’re shitty renters or anything.

UGH. And the landlord doesn’t know that 3 of roommate #1’s cats still live here. He thought we only had 1 cat. Only one of the 4 cats is mine so if he comes over and asks about it, I’ll tell him.

No good is going to come of me saying the same thing over and over and over again in this blog, because that’s what it’s devolving into.

If he comes over tomorrow, whatever, if not, whatever. I’m not going to waste the rest of my evening obsessing over it. Dammit


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