Just a small rant while I wait for the laundry to be done.

It’s hot as balls in the house right now, so I was going to take a shower, but I have to wait for the laundry to get out of the washer and at least dry enough to put on before I can do that. I have to wait because I discovered I literally don’t have one clean pair of undies in the whole house and if I do they’re well hidden.

Also discovered some ants on my bedroom floor which was probably humorous to the neighbors if they heard me yelling “WHY ARE THERE ANTS IN HERE” repeatedly.

It was while in the basement putting the laundry in that I just got annoyed all over again.

Our basement is… gross. There’s old cat shit everywhere and dried piss on the floor, and former roommate has been promising to clean it for ages. And if roommate 2 wants to be out by the end of the month… the fact is nobody is going to want to move in here if they come to visit and the basement looks like… THAT.

The reason I haven’t done anything about it until this point is that 1, former roommate has been promising to clean it, and 2, it’s just fucking overwhelming to even think about. She’s still got some of her stuff piled up in a corner, and even though most of the cat crap is confined to one half of the basement, that’s still a daunting task to even consider..


Okay wait, so I was in the middle of writing this and a friend of mine on facebook messaged me and said her friend was most likely interested in moving in, and I asked my friend when, and they replied ASAP so like… I’ll have to talk to roommate 2 when she gets home from work. Also if this is the case, the basement I just bitched about… I’ll have to actually clean it myself.

But like I’m still wary. My friend gave potential roommate my facebook and my phone number, but like… what if this doesn’t work out. What if she comes over to look at the place and doesn’t like it? And like I guess I have to clean the basement now because there’s no way anybody would move in with it looking like this. I hope my friend isn’t exaggerating the possibility of this working out. I can never tell if it’s because there’s real doubt in a situation or if it’s just my paranoia clouding my judgement.

Ugh. I really hope this works out. I can just never tell if I’m being stupidly too optimistic and that if I start relying on it that it won’t work out, or if I’m being just the right amount optimistic that it might work out. Idk anymore.

Dammit, why is it when I hear potentially good news, I’m only excited about it for like 5 minutes, then I start freaking the fuck out over the hundreds of ways things could go wrong.

Ugh. I’m going to go check on my laundry.


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