Got a haircut today.

Had a haircut at 9:30 this morning, so of course I was awake before 6am. Had some time to kill. Played some fallout 3, did some dishes, that sort of thing.

I have an undercut right now, and it literally took me maybe 5 minutes total for her to trim it. She only charged me 7 dollars, and I had budgeted 15, so there’s that. I have like 6 more days until my food stamp card reloads but I went to the grocery store anyway and got some taco shells and a discount can of refried beans (I love when they discount canned goods because the can has one tiny dent in it ), some eggs, and I got some club soda. I have some frozen fruit that I’ve had in my freezer for literally a few months, and I’m trying to drastically cut back on the amount of soda I drink (which isn’t much, but still more than I should have I’m sure), and that turned out really well. I may get another bottle, since it was only a 1 liter bottle, because I have two lemons in my fridge as well that I need to use up.

After I’m done here, I’m going to stop by the post office to once again return a piece of mail for someone who does not live at my address anymore. I probably get occasional but regular mail for like, 5 other people. Most of it is junk mail, but a week or two ago I took a letter back to the post office that had been sent from a jail. If it’s just junk mail I usually pitch it, but it gets old.

Also, on the phone number I currently have I get several texts and calls a week from random people thinking I’m someone else. One of the wrong number messages I saved said “Hi, I know you’re busy but I could get you a ticket to Paris for 20e, arrival at Paris by 1pm, from cologne”, and it was from a foreign 15 digit phone number. It was interesting so I saved it. Most of them are just annoying. I’m not used to this because the number I had before this, I literally had for 10 years, so I never got wrong numbers unless they physically dialed wrong, which was almost never.

But anyway. That’s why this entry is a little later in the day than most of mine. I was hesitant to go to the library because I figured all the little kids would be in here taking up all the internet computers playing roblox or whatever online game it is they play now (I’m old leave me alone) but I forgot the school year started. LOL.

I’m going to go on my normal walk, pick up some dish soap at the dollar store, and go home to work on a drawing.


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