Rain (or in this case, snow) keeps falling down…

Pardon my French.

It’s fucking SNOWING.

Sure, it’s November in Iowa, but I’m sure I’m not the only Iowan who wasn’t completely ready for snow just yet.

Damn, I may even have to walk up campus today. I do admit, I’ve been getting a bit lazy in that area. When it’s so much easier to avoid the cold and drive the like, 2 minutes up campus, I usually do. And, I find myself living out of my car. I don’t even bring half my stuff inside because I know I can go get it when I actually need it. So by the time I leave campus, I have a uber ton of stuff to carry out to my car.

So anyway. I would have written a myspace blog, but I posted a bulletin telling people to read the entry I wrote lastnight, so I don’t want this one to be the first one they see on the page…

Yeah. I just have a few things on my mind right now. You’re welcome to read my Myspace blog if you want. You can find my profile at www.myspace.com/blue_silver. Search around, you’ll find the blog entry link.  It’s the entry called “Here we go”, in case you read this after I’ve posted another entry on there. I’m not trying to plug my myspace blog on THIS one, it’s just that, I feel no need to rehash everything I wrote on there. It’s too early for me to even feel remotely like doing that.

More guy problems, we’ll just say that much.

So,  yeah, if you’re wondering why I’m up so goddam early…. my friend Vanessa doesn’t have a car. Hence the reason that her mother has to drop her off here before campus even opens. So, I let her in the dorms so she can use the computer lab until campus opens. So, she calls me when she gets here, and I go open the door for her, because the doors to the dorms are locked until at least 8am.

Usually, I can go back to sleep just fine after I let her in, but it was sleeting this morning, and making an awful racket on my gigantic windows, so I was magically awake.

Okay, so even though I said I didn’t want to rehash something on my Myspace blog, I will talk about one little thing on there.

Last week, my keys got misplaced. I hang out in the Activity Center (more or less the commons of my college) a lot. I left my keys by my stuff on a table, but someone must have thought a person lost them, so said key finder turned them in to the information desk. Well, during the day when I didn’t know where my key was, I got a loaner room key from the dorm office. Just lastnight, at almost midnight, I look in my mailbox, and see a little note that says I’ve past the 7 day check out period, and I need to turn in my keys by FOUR PM on WEDNESDAY or they’ll have the locks changed on Thursday, and charge me 40 bucks for said lock change. Which, it’s Friday and my key still works.  And hell, I just got this notice yesterday. Buuut, I have to wait till the dorm office opens at like 8am, and explain this whole thing.

God dammit. Now that made me want to rehash my entire myspace entry. But I won’t, so go read that one if I haven’t written enough of a novel for you here.