When I was younger so much younger than today/I never needed anybody’s help in any way/but now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured…

-The Beatles.

Well, hello again ladies and germs.

It hasn’t been all that long since I’ve written last but somehow it feels like an eternity. To a certain point, every day seems like it’s about three years long. This week has been strange, due to having Thanksgiving off, and my mother and brother having Thursday and Friday off school.

Let me begin by describing Thanksgiving. We planned to go to my aunt and uncles’ house which is an hour and a half away. I was awake at six am, had to shower, get my stuff together, eat breakfast, all that jazz. Surprisingly enough, we left by our deadline, 7:30am. We rarely, if ever, get out at the time we designate, at least not without wanting to kill each other before we leave. This time it all went off without a hitch, which was a nice start to the day.

The car ride was uneventful, what with me listening to a mix cd that had everything from ‘Fool in the Rain’ by Led Zeppelin to ‘I love a rainy night’ by Eddie Rabbit, taking pictures of the gorgeous sunrise, and daydreaming.

My uncle is a teacher at the high school in that town, and they have a foreign exchange student from Thailand whose name I will only butcher if I try to spell it. The morning was spent watching part of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and playing with my aunt’s dog, Barkley. He’s a cute freaking dog.

The meal was amazing, what with mother, my brother myself, and this foreign exchange student chatting it up. We got to explain Thanksgiving and Christmas to him, which was kinda cool. After that, we finished the movie and played with the dog more, while the ‘adults’ were upstairs playing board games (I almost spelled that ‘bored’ games, roflcopter). We stayed for dinner, which was chips, turkey sandwiches, that sort of thing. Anyhoo. The car ride home and the rest of that evening were uneventful and will as such be left out of the blog.

Now, yesterday felt like Saturday since I usually have to work on Thursdays, but work was closed on Thanksgiving.

Yesterday at work was less than interesting. The little twit I work was, as usual, extremely annoying, and even though it was my turn to leave early, I told him to GTFO around 8pm when JD said one of us could leave. Hey, I need the money. I might leave early tonight, or I might just tell the twit to leave early again, depends on how I feel. But honestly. The twit was extremely, extremely annoying. Trampling on my nerves as usual. The whole time it was, ‘Don’t mess around, don’t waste the plastic wrap, wash this better, stop that, put that down, quit eating your damn burger and put some dishes away…” I mean good god people.

I honestly don’t care who leaves early tonight. Either way, I get rid of the twit a whole two hours before the kitchen closes which is fine by me. Although, Adam is working tonight and if I could temporarily go deaf for any like three hours a day it’d be when I work with him.

Anyway. I stayed after work and bothered Mitch, although I figure, if he were that bothered he’d have told me to go away. It was a nice bit of conversation even if there wasn’t a whole lot said. I was about to say I’m not all that talkative but I actually am, just not in situations where I don’t really know what to say or how to start a conversation.  I honestly don’t think I’d talk to Mitch at all if it weren’t for music. Or my fishnet arm covers. Lol.

Luckily I saved the jukebox from the country they were playing before I got off work. Then it was like, revival of the 80s, and I wasn’t even playing anything. These people that were in, I swear they played the entire Hall & Oates catalogue, which doesn’t bother me since I like Hall & Oates. I did hear ‘Private Eyes’ and ‘Rich Girl’ twice, though. I played ‘Take On Me’ by A-ha and was humored by all these drunk people trying to hit the high note. I’m pretty sure I was the closest, although at that point I was pretty drunk so perhaps not. Thank god for the bar running out of peach schnapps on Wednesday though, or I’d have never discovered my new favorite drink, a fuzzy navel but instead of peach schnapps, use strawberry schanpps. Great stuff, guys, I promise.

Last work related thing.

I do have a bone to pick with people I work with about what they say and do around myself and other co workers I may be talking to at the time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Pick a different damn topic if you talk to or even about me around others. I push people away enough without getting help from you lot so just stuff it. Good god people. I don’t wish to be unreasonable and drive my friends away, thank you. So just stop it.

But yeah. We’re supposed to be putting up Christmas decorations today, but with my mother and bro gone to Christmas shop for me, and dad having worked at the radio station this morning, who knows if it’ll happen. I wanted to pop into the second hand store today but I’m going to wait until Monday. I have other shit in town I could get done anyway.

It honestly seems so much like Sunday right now, it’s odd to think I have to work tonight.

In other news, I’ve got a few measures to this great song I’ve begun to write (on piano). There is a problem, though, in that I already can’t play what I’ve written and the left hand is going nowhere. And I still have this other bit of song that I can’t do anything with because 1, the music’s on the computer that isn’t working, and 2, it’s supposed to be on electric guitar and I can’t really go anywhere else with it because all I have is an acoustic guitar, and I can’t really play electric anyway. Frustration. If you’d like to help me out in some way you’re more than welcome, although if you steal my songs you will have nasty things done to you involving butt screwing and pitchforks.


Toodles. I have places to go and people to see. I lied. I have no life. I’m just getting bored.

You’re as cold as ice…


What happened to autumn? Honestly. What the fuck happened to autumn? After all, I took the following picture on November 3rd, and it was still nice enough for me to walk to the library in a tee shirt, jeans, and wearing flip flops.   

Now, it’s literally 12 degrees out, and the sunshine is extremely deceiving. I mean, right now, looking out the window, it looks like it’d be at least 40 or 50 degrees. There’s still green grass and everything. It’s a little annoying, but then again it IS November 21st, so I shouldn’t complain about how it’s not supposed to be cold yet, but I probably will. 😛
It was so strange, though. One day it was like 70 degrees out, and the next, BAM! 30. And I don’t think it got past 30 after that.

Anyway, as if I need to tell you by now, my life has not been all that interesting. Well, not really. I was asked to work on my room a bit, and seeing as I’ve spent about 10 cumulative hours in there and it’s still not immaculate, it needed the work. I found a lot of shit that I’d forgotten I even had, threw a lot of stuff out, and even amassed a box full of stuff that needs to go to the second hand store (I’m not looking forward to going outside to do that). It was weird and nostalgic. I mean, I graduated in 2005 and I still had graduation announcements from people in my grade. It kinda made me remember some things I didn’t want to remember. I found a notebook that I’ve had since my going away party from the last house we lived in when we lived in Nashua, and I was in middle school then.

The nostalgic trip was good and bad I suppose. It made me think. I’ve come a long way from where I used to be, but I’m still not all there yet, and sometimes I feel I’ve made little progress at all.

Work has been less than interesting. Tuesday of this week, while it was busier than last week, was still pretty boring. And I didn’t even stay after work, nobody interesting was there. Which meant I was home at like 9:30, and up till midnight messing around on the computer. Wednesday, nothing to report. cleaned room, got on computer, did the dishes. Blah. Yesterday was not all that interesting either. Spent more time in my room. The work day, meh. There was of course more business than my previous work day, but not too much. I need to find someone to work for me on New Years Eve, though, as I’m going to be in Ames with my best friend. So Vanessa and I pretty much need to figure out exactly the days that I’ll be gone so work can find the appropriate replacements. Which I was going to ask about that fairly soon anyway.

Worst comes to worst? I have to work on New Years Eve which means I wouldn’t be able to leave to see her until New Years Day. I mean. I’d still have people to hang out and do the countdown with, but I would rather try to have a repeat of last year’s New Years, with Vanessa, her boyfriend, and co, drunkenly counting down in some Irish pub looking place in Ames. Or whatever bar it turns out to be.

But I’m not going to prepare for not being in Ames, not until I am given a reason to. Besides. A month and a week is more than enough time to find someone to work for me.

Anyway. Back to my Thursday at work. After work, I was kind of depressed and bored so I was going to go home. Of course, I’m halfway home before I realize, hey, I kinda wanted to stay after and have a drink or two. So I put some gas in my car, and then went back. Despite the lack of interesting people (aside from JD), and the lack of actual music instead of the country swill these retards were playing, it was decent. I had a couple fuzzy navels and a smirnoff. I might have stayed longer, but the country {lack of actual} music was getting on my nerves.

And that brings us up to now, kiddos. I’m not sure today will be any more interesting than yesterday. Might do a little bit more work in my room. I’ll do the dishes for sure, and I’ll probably make myself go to the second hand store to get that box of crap out of my room. Plus, as a bonus I’ll go in the actual store part of the second hand store to look for records and stemware. Although I’d better have a couple bucks on me for that. I still have a couple of five dollar gift cards, but to use those I have to buy five bucks worth of shit at a time, and I rarely find that much at once.

Before I end the entry, I would like to say: COMMENT! If you read it would be nice if you commented! 😉 If you’ve got something intelligent to say, that is. OH, SORRY. That might exclude a {more than} few of you. ;P

Hey! Wait! I’ve got a new complaint, forever in debt to your priceless advice

-“Heart Shaped Box”, Nirvana.

It’s been a while, eh? That is not entirely my fault. The computer I prefer to be on is still not working, and as it is the parental units continue to be Nazis with the remaining working computer, making me feel about 12 instead of 22. I can’t blame them for that, though. If I knew how to shut my mouth I might not have had to rush to the library to squeeze in as much time on the internet as possible before they close at 8.

As if this is a surprise to anyone by now, but the time between now and my last entry hasn’t been all that interesting. In fact, if it weren’t for work I’d have probably shot myself by now, or something. Not only working, but staying after work. I enjoy the conversations I have with my co workers. I also really like having the radio on when I’m working, and I enjoy singing along to it but I’ve probably really annoyed the people I work with.

Although, I haven’t been told “Who sings this? Then keep it that way” yet so I guess I’m okay.

Last night was the single most boring work day of my life. I was told that the entire time I was there, only two new people showed up the whole time. I had a full bus tub waiting for me when I got to work, I can’t  remember being brought back another full one the whole night. 

There were points where there was literally nothing for me to do. I didn’t want to look lazy but there are only so many things I can do. I practically text messaged my brother and Vanessa more than I actually worked. Well. And sang to the radio.

Usually there are more people that pass through the kitchen, therefore more people to talk to, but seeing as neither Mitch or myself are all that talkative during work… let’s just say it wasn’t a fun work day for anyone.

For that reason, I decided I’d stay for a little bit after work to have a few drinks. Myself, Mitch, and this regular I don’t know had a nice little discussion about politics and religion, two things I normally try to avoid discussing (let alone in a bar), but it was actually an intelligent conversation. Stuff about, 90 percent of voters aren’t qualified to vote, what did abortion and gay marriage have to do with how a country was run… things like, some comedian said each person should be able to kill one person without getting in trouble… etc.

After a while Mitch went off to eat and listen to music and it got really boring, so I was forced to dig out my sketchbook to keep myself entertained. I thought about going over and bothering him but I figured if he wanted to be around people he’d have sat at the bar. No big deal.

But I was feverishly doodling with colored sharpies, and trying to come up with interesting things to talk with JD about, which I’m pretty sure I failed at. I couldn’t get all that knackered since I had to drive home or else the conversation would have been much better. xD


If you’re wondering how my day today was, part of it was all right and part of it sucked ass.
I didn’t sleep in all that late, I’d gotten home at about 1am, and since I hadn’t gotten super wasted I didn’t get a hangover or anything. My dad and I started watching the second season of Heroes. I think we only watched like three episodes, and if I had home computer access and my father’s permission (as he technically owns the Heroes dvds) I’d be hunched in front of the computer screen watching more. Very intriguing. Although I was startled because I almost, almost, for the tiniest minute second, I almost felt bad for Sylar but I got over it, seeing as he’s an insufferable GIT. I felt really bad for Hiro though. Considering the whole, loving someone who doesn’t love you thing.  Plus he’s adorable.

I’m not racist or anything but he’s kind of the first Asian guy I’ve ever thought was really, really cute. Let’s just say that if I lived in the Heroes universe I’d be totally going after Hiro. Sure. Peter’s kind of a babe but I’d totally go for Hiro instead.

< /incessantly annoying, girly babble>

Sorry. I usually try to limit how much of that I let out but let’s face it, right now I don’t really give a shit.

I apologize. I’ve lost my mind and I would like it back please. Help if you can! Comment! It would be awesome. 😉

I wish I could think of something more intelligent to say but for now that’s all my mind’s willing to give me.

Until later.

I watch the world go round and round, and see mine turning upside down

-“Throwing it all away” by Genesis.

Well kiddos, if you’re wondering if any of my sanity has returned to me since my last entry, don’t worry, because it hasn’t. If anything I’m losing more of it, which is pretty funny since I didn’t think I had any left to lose.

Seeing as my parents have asked that I stay off our only working computer, I am thusly confined to the ones at the library. Which made loading the crapton of pictures off my camera  a lot of fun. They wouldn’t even all fit on one flash drive. And it’s not like I can edit them, because for one, I’m in a public place with a gigantic computer screen and I’d rather not have old stupid people looking over my shoulder (gee, could you tell what was happening when I wrote that) , and two, I don’t have the program I need to edit pictures. Well. I do, it’s on the smaller flash drive, but I probably shouldn’t mess with putting strange programs on public computers anyway.

So, as it is, as soon as I’ve checked email, myspace, and facebook, I’m rather left with nothing to do, yet not wanting to return home.

I mean, it’s not as if I’ve been going insane enough, but now one of my favorite creative outlets is gone. I do still have my sketchbook at home, though. I just finished one drawing… I might have to force myself to do a few more so I’ll have something to do at home, and if I stay after work to have a drink or two, I want something to keep myself occupied should my co workers give off the “stay the fuck away from me if you value your life” vibe that I was getting at work on Tuesday. Fun fun fun I tell you.

I was a bit apprehensive about going to work anyway, for reasons I’m not even sure of myself, but once I got there the mood did not improve. It was the singular most boring, slow work day I’ve ever worked at the Colony, or PM Park, put together. And my PM Park days were eight hours long.

We all have our moods. Sometimes they’re good. Sometimes they’re bad. Let’s just say the other person in the kitchen was in an extremely bad mood. Well. It might not have been extremely, horribly, terribly bad, but he wasn’t in a people mood. Which, I can’t fault him for that, I get that way a lot too.

And I don’t know if it was just me, but the bad mood was so strong I could literally feel it like heat in the air, and not because it’s the kitchen and I was running back and forth the whole time. It was a different sort of heat. I don’t know. 

For whatever reason, this made me want to act happy and peppy to see if I couldn’t cheer people up. Well. It didn’t work. As far as I knew, anyway. I mean, the whole time I was in the kitchen, I just… I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but I’ve gotten this thing a few times where I feel like thoughts are so loud in my head that other people could hear them… I’m not sure if it was my imagination or not, but I just kept getting this unmistakable ‘stay the fuck away from me, I’m not in the mood’ thing like, over and over.

Like I said. It could very all well be in my head, but… Let’s just say work wasn’t fun.

I was going to stay after… I spotted this one server lady I get a long with, she was sitting at the bar watching tv, I asked “What’s going on” like a ‘what’s up’ type of thing, and nobody looked up or did anything. They didn’t notice meuntil I started walking to the door and said “And, nobody’s paying attention to me, thanks”.

I didn’t mean to sound mean or anything, I think it was just the fact that the work day was slow as hell, and nobody was in a great mood. And lately there’s been a perpetual knot in my stomach anyway that seems to be clouding a bit of the portion of my brain that usually controls how I act around people.

I’ve just been going all around haywire, I don’t know what to think, or pretty much what to do. Sometimes I feel like a zombie, like my body’s going through all the motions but my mind is someplace else. Where, I haven’t figured out, as far as I know anyway. The answer’s probably someplace in my brain, but who knows how long unti I find out.

Anyway. It’s weird, but I find myself saying, I don’t get to work until so and so, because this is the first job that I haven’t completely hated with all my being at one point. When I first started I wasn’t such a big fan, but I honestly love this job, next to PM Park it’s the best I’ve had. And dammit, I think I like it better than Pm Park even though I don’t get as many hours here. I’d have asked my boss for more if I saw her at all, I don’t see her any except on Fridays and Saturdays if I’m lucky….

In short, I’m not entirely okay and my brain seems to be going through a mid-midlife crisis. It’s frustrating because I know it will end, I just don’t know when. At least I’m going to keep telling myself that.

Turn down these voices inside my head…

-George Michael, Bonnie Raitt, whichever version of “I can’t make you love me” that you prefer. Blame my drunkeness for my sporadic music urges lately. Likewise I apologize for the sporadic nature of this blog, my brain cells haven’t quite regrouped from the alcohol related barrage they’ve been under for the past two nights.

Yesterday was a strange day. I was drunk until noon, and remained goofy the entire day. I don’t know exactly how much I had to drink, but it must have been a whole hell of a lot. Work was interesting. I got to work and was greated as the alcoholic. xD Which knowing how much some of my coworkers drink that’s not even right. Anyhoo. Mitch informed me that was the drunkest person on earth, more drunk than everyone else in the bar put together. I apparently fell off a barstool; after I was told that I was blushing for a half hour straight. I found out a couple of embarassing things I did/said, but not until later.

So anyway. It was around 8, 8:30pm that JD told us that one of the dishwashers could leave and since I’m an ass I made the 14 year old I work with stay. With the exception of playing on their little video game machine for a bit I was pretty much talking to Mitch the entire time. He’s a great drinking buddy. When I first sat down, I asked right out “Did I say anything stupid last night?” and he just went “Well, you didn’t say anything smart.” Now if you know me, I am kind of a physical person, what with playful swatting, pushing and what not but let’s just say I’m glad I don’t remember half of what I did at the bar on Friday night.


I did make an agreement to stop talking about a certain crush to co workers, cause of not wanting drama at work. I was told I was liked and was cool, we came to a nice agreement. I really wish more people were this outright and honest. I just… yeah. You probably know. I don’t want to go on about it cause of the request to cease and desist but I’m losing my mind. I will add that he told me he used to be that guy at the bar that nobody wanted to sit by, but I can’t see how that’s possible, he’s a very entertaining drunk, it’s the fact that I find him so endearing that makes me mad. I also remember him saying something like, I’ve been young and stupid, and been older and stupid…you’re 22, how many ten year olds come up to you with crushes on you, etc.

I’m sorry but I don’t give a damn about age, I really don’t.

Today has been mental torture. Cycling between embarassment, hilarity at remembering drunken antics and things said (one of which, apparently I’m the biggest stoner without actually being a stoner that Mitch knows), being depressed… I like having a few drinks but I don’t think I’ll be getting that drunk two nights in a row. I’m going to like finally feeling completely and totally sober tomorrow. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love my job. I’m almost depressed that I don’t work until Tuesday night.

One thing that’s going to be nice is, for some reason I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’ll be able to talk to people more and just be in an all around better mood. Might be because I don’t feel like I’m hiding a humongous secret anymore. Well. I will try to hide it but I think it’s a little late for that.

I’m just a big mix of confusion right now. I don’t know what to feel.

It hasn’t helped that today, I’ve cycled between, my stomach freaking hurts to, I’m freaking HUNGRY. I’m pretty much over the alcohol now but I still get these bursts of feeling a bit buzzed. With the amount of alcohol I’ve consumed over the past two days that’s not surprising, but I can’t freaking wait to feel normal some time tomorrow. Vodka seems to linger with me. Maybe I should stick to Smirnoff Ice coolers or something.


Moving on. I’m on the older computer because the other computer is fucking up. I push the button to start, it goes to this black screen that says windows didn’t start up properly, choose from options like “start with the last known settings that worked”, start normally, etc etc etc. Except, it does the same thing no matter what you pick. It goes to a blue screen of death that says to keep the stuff on the computer safe it shut down.

I recently deleted a bunch of my games, put almost 4 gigs of my art onto my new flash drive, all that. The only thing I did differently was start up the last.fm plugin. I figured, last.fm always froze before because there was too much shit on the computer. I had closed out of it. The computer was a bit slow, I figured that was because it’d been on all day, so I shut it down, and it started the whole not working thing.

Thing is, I deleted that shit like three days ago and the computer didn’t start to fuck up until tonight. It’s torking me off. I mean, I’m glad I have all my photography except the newest stuff on my 4G flash drive but.. I don’t know. I’m just mad but I’m going to remain hopeful that there is a solution to this problem. I don’t see how there can be one but.. just, I’m going to be royally pissed if I lose all my shit on there. I have DAMN good new pictures that I was stupid enough to not put on my flash drive yet. I haven’t even gotten through editing them all yet.


I’m going to quit rambling now. Honestly I like to drink, but I don’t want any more of this, don’t feel normal for three days type of shit. I’m starting to almost wish I’d gotten sick or something so some of it would have been out of my system or something.  Oh well.

So back to my sporadic musical urges today.

It began with Adam and the Ants (Stand and Deliver, and Strip), morphed into the Black Crowes(Hard to Handle, Remedy, Jealous Again), hopped over to Phil Collins (Can’t Stop Loving You, Do You Remember). Throw in a version of “I can’t make you love me” by George Michael, mix that with ‘Rikki don’t lose that number’ by Steely Dan, throw in ‘Wrapped around your finger’ by The Police, “Autumn” by the Edgar Winter Group,   ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ by Grand Funk Railroad, and ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ by Steppenwolf, and you’ve got my music of today.

I garnished that with a generous portion of “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin and “Time of the Season” by the Zombies. With a sprinkle of “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel.

It’s been a weird fucking day of stoner music. Daylight savings is fucking with my brain, I’m probably going to get off the computer and go crash in bed or something. Considering I was wide awake (and drunk) at 6am this morning. xP

Toodles. I probably won’t be back until Tuesday after work.

The storm that I thought would blow over clouds the light of the love that I’ve found…

Now my body is starting to quiver
And the palms of my hands getting wet
I’ve got no reason to doubt you baby,
It’s all a terrible mess

I’ll run in the rain till I’m breathless
When I’m breathless I’ll run till I drop, hey
The thoughts of a fool’s kind of careless
I’m just a fool waiting on the wrong block, oh yeah
Light of the love that I found…
-“Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin.

I apologize for using that song two entries in a row but it’s become my favorite song of late. 🙂

Okay, so I have an interesting story to tell this entry too. TWO INTERESTING ENTRIES IN A ROW, IT’S A SIGN OF THE APOCALPYSE. Well maybe interesting. Dunno if you’ll think they are but OH WELL.

Work has been interesting on account of me trying to hide the fact that I have a monster crush on one of the cooks. It’s literally driving me crazy. I can’t believe he doesn’t have women all over him, he has amazing charisma and he’s very charming and strange. He makes me laugh almost every day I work, which is much appreciated. Forgive my bad spelling, I’m not quite sober yet.

In other news, I watched the first season of Heroes on dvd in three days. 7 discs. Three days. My brain is goo.

That show is like crack, I’m seriously an addict. My favorite is.. I don’t know. They’re all kick ass, but I think my favorite is Hiro, just because he’s nerdy and I can relate to that. xD

Anyway. So, on the way home from work on Thursday, I got stopped for not wearing a seat belt. Which is retarded. Going 25 miles an hour going home, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to crash and be thrown out of the car, but whatever. The guy was doing his job. Besides. The last time I got stopped (for speeding, 40 in a 25 zone in the middle of scenic nowhere), it induced a paranoia that I have to this day, and it’s been over 2 years. So one thing’s for sure. I’ll be wearing my seat belt all the time now. It’s annoying that I have an 83 dollar ticket but I guess it’s for a good reason. I was just really ready to leave work, I must have forgotten to put my seat belt on. No more though.

Anyway. So, yesterday, as you know, was Halloween. During the day the day before, I’d watched a Simpsons Halloween special dvd I got from the library, and yesterday I was watching a lot of Halloween specials. History of Halloween, creepy destinations, etc. Work was interesting. I brought my costume but didn’t immediately put it on. Didn’t want to get it dirty.

When my boss and her hubby got there, she told me one of the dishwashers could go home, but I ended up staying for an hour after she said that, because I need the money. I finally clocked out with my bosses permission (my co dishwasher freaked out on me) and changed.

Here is a sweet pic of my boss and her hubby in their costumes.

Aren’t they cute? The king and queen of hearts, sweet freaking idea.

Mitch dressed as a basketball player, lol. Most of the servers who dressed up were dressed as slutty pirates. I was probably the only female dressing up that actually had CLOTHES on.

Anyway. No pics of me in my costume. Well my boss has one but I don’t.

I ran into Missy there, she was the designated driver for her parents. She dressed as a chick from the tv show NCIS.

There was a dj, I was a little depressed, because I wanted to lord over the jukebox. But I heard my song “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin so it was okay.

Missy requested Nickelback and Mitch gave her the funniest look. I was like DON’T KILL HER, IT’S NOT HER FAULT SHE LIKES CRAP.

She requested Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, and Mitch was like “I can’t believe you like Nickelback AND Queen, that’s just not possible”.

Oh god. I had the time of my life. For drinks, I had vodka cranberry (I can’t remember how many), a few screwdrivers, a jack + coke… Yeah. I was holding onto this support pole by the bar so I wouldn’t fall over. I forgot to pay my bill so I’ll have to take care of that when I get to work today. Oh well.

So anyway, I got a picture of Mitch looking completely drunk and adorable. Emphasis on the adorable part.

It’s a bit blurry but considering how drunk I was I’m surprised I could hold the camera still long enough to take a picture. I got a few video clips but I want to wait until I am completely sober to edit them together with Windows Movie Maker so the video isn’t complete tripe. I also have a crapload of various pictures I’ve taken over the past two weeks that I need to edit but I want to be completely sober when I edit them too. So for now the entry is over. I might stay after work tonight to lord over the jukebox, so you might get an entry tomorrow night. 🙂