Comin’ up, like a flower

I suppose I should give you all an update, since my last post was almost a month ago.

As of Tuesday this week, I have my driver’s license and am thusly allowed to drive a car.

It still feels pretty surreal. I spent Wednesday shopping with my best friend, and every time we went to get in the car to go to another store, I wanted to head straight for the passenger side of the car.

It’s really weird. Before I got my current job in August of last year, I really thought it would be a lot longer than 3 years until I would be able to drive again.

Three years. It sounds like a fairly small number when you talk about it, but when you can’t go anywhere that you can’t reach on a bicycle or on foot, it seems like forever.

I don’t know. Like I said it’s surreal. I’ve driven to work twice and spent a day driving around town shopping, but it’s still bizarre to think that I am allowed behind the wheel of a car.  I keep pulling out my license and staring at it.

Now my car, my poor burgandy chrysler concorde, it needs new tires, possibly a new battery, and a new little doohickey to keep the battery from draining so fast, so who knows how long it’ll be before that beast is up and running, but we do have my mother’s old car for me to derp around in. I was warned that it would not become “my” car, which I am quite aware of, but that’s essentially what it will be for a little while, if I’m driving it to work and putting gas in it.

I don’t know what the difference between my car and that one is. My parents technically own both of them, so I couldn’t really go off gallivanting in my car without telling them either.

Eh, whatever. It’s just nice to be able to drive places again. Case in point? I want to drive to the grocery store today to buy some fruits and vegetables so I will actually not eat like a nerd (i.e. mountain dew, doritos, pizza, etc) because…

And I guess I haven’t told you guys this either, so hold onto your butts…

The Thomas Dolby concert is two weeks away. TWO BLOOMING WEEKS.

My dad talked to one of his friends on facebook, who talked to her daughter, and I will be staying overnight at this girl’s place. I think it will be lots of fun derping around Minneapolis with a nerdy, liberal lesbian who has a cat named Frodo.

I got the 6th and 7th off from work. Since the concert is on the 6th and my greyhound bus won’t head home until 5pm on the 7th. Since I’ve decided not to take the one that leaves at 5:30 in the morning. Unrealistic, especially if I stay up late for a concert. All I have to do is pay a 15 dollar transfer fee. Whatever.

After revising and changing what outfit I was planning on wearing, I have finally decided. I bought this adorable dress from Maurices and I will be wearing that. Along with some black tights and these cute blue peep toe shoes I have. I also bought a small backpack to take with me, so I won’t have to have my heavy, deteriorating messenger bag clonking into my hip all night.

I think I’m going to be bringing along my ‘Aliens ate my buick’ LP, just because it’s less predictable than bringing the album that’s got “She Blinded Me With Science” on it. Although, my favorite song in the world by him is “Valley of the Mind’s Eye” and I have a cd and a videocasette of that.

On that note, I really hope there are meet and greet opportunities, because I would like to tell him personally that Valley of the Mind’s Eye has been my favorite song since I was literally 7 years old.

But then… I have this marker drawing based on a song called 17 Hills,  from his newest album, that I would really love to bring along.

So I haven’t quite fine tuned all the details, but I’m starting to get really excited. I think the last week before I will go back to listening to his music non stop, to prepare. I have slowed down a bit listening to him so I don’t get all tired of him and stuff right before the concert.

I’m starting to ramble, so before this entry completely deteriorates I will mention the newest fandom I am a part of.

I have an account on tumblr. The best way I can think of to describe tumblr is that it’s a bit like twitter, but with no character limit, and you can post animations, pictures, songs, and youtube videos right in the post, not just linking to them.

It was seeing an oddly intriguing face on my tumblr dash that steered me towards my netflix online account, which has the first season of a show called Sherlock on it.

I was bored one night and started watching it, and I was hooked from the first 15 minutes alone.

So I have spent the last week having a massive crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Damn you, BBC.


I just felt like I should mention that, given the sheer volume of fangirly things you could be hearing from me about it.

Anyway, I’m off to ask dad if he minds me taking the car to the grocery store, then I have some stuff in the house I should probably get to, so I’ll talk to you later.