One of those nights.

Tonight was probably the second most stressful drive home of my life. Worse than driving 20 minutes to choir practice in the middle of a blizzard.  Worse than the time I got lost on the interstate and almost didn’t find my way home. And so on and so forth.

My last paycheck was painfully small (which seems to be a trend, now), and it was pretty much dried up in a week. Also, my savings account, which is supposed to have a minimum of 100 dollars in it at all times, or we start being charged, is down to 50 dollars.

To get to the point, tonight was one of those nights that I was praying to gods I don’t even worship to please please please don’t let me run out of gas on the way home.

As it is, I’ll need to once again ask my parents to spot me a few dollars until I get paid this upcoming Monday.  I work tomorrow, get a day off, work  a day, then I’ll get three days off in a row. So I wouldn’t need more than 10 bucks. And I’d be paying it back as soon as I got paid.

Another thing I haven’t run by this blog yet is, we’re finally entering the current century and getting smartphones. Our current contract with our current company runs out on the 9th, and we are going to go with a new carrier, and get samsung galaxy s3 phones.

The newest model out is the s4, but shit, this will do just fine. Especially since the activation fee is being waived, and we’re getting the phones for free.

We’ll be on a family plan, but my parents have insisted that I will pay for “my” portion. Or what would equal out to be my portion. They were throwing numbers around saying that it was going to cost me at least 70 dollars a month. I’m hoping I can talk them down to 50 a month for the phone, since I already pay them 50 dollars for rent (they initially said I’d be paying the 50 every time I got paid, which is bi-monthly, but I have only been able to afford 50 once a month, lately).

I’ve decided that I’m more than likely going to cancel my netflix, and my spotify premium subscription, so that would free up almost 20 dollars a month that I’m currently spending.  I’m trying to think of other things to avoid buying, such as soda or junk food at work and so on.

I might also have another go at an etsy account, although that didn’t go very well the first time. May also try my hand at selling some of my stuff on amazon or ebay. Hell. Maybe I’ll even take some shit I don’t care about to the pawn shop and then not worry about paying to get it back. I’m still mulling over some of it.

Anyway, I would just say screw it and go without a phone, but a phone is kind of the one form of communication I absolutely must have. I wouldn’t want to get rid of my computer, xbox, or tv, but if I absolutely had to, I could do without all three.  I mean, I don’t call people that much, but in this day and age,      it’s unheard of not to have a phone number. How else would prospective employers, my current employer, or any of my family members reach me? I’d say how would friends reach me, but most of my communication with my friends takes place online, since we’re so far away from each other.

I just think it will be really nice to have a smartphone.

Honestly, I just wanted to write this entry to get the whole OMG STRESSFUL DRIVE HOME thing off my chest, then I thought about the phone thing and decided to throw that in there.

Holy shit it’s 10pm already? Goddamn.

Anyway. I work at 11am tomorrow, so I wouldn’t necessarily need to stop writing just yet, but I have a couple things I want to get done (on and offline) before I hit the sack, so I’ll end the entry here. I may write again tomorrow, or not for another 2 weeks; you know how I am with this blog.

Anyhoo, see you later