I scare myself.

Lovely Thomas Dolby song.

Unless I state so, just assume any lyric I am using is one of Mr. Dolby’s, as I’m currently in Thomas Dolby overload, and enjoying it greatly. 😉

So, I have a mere 20 minutes until dinner is served, and the OK House is open tonight, so I’ll at least be entertained a little bit.

My day wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was alright. 

2D design was enjoyable, particularly when we had to do a blind contour drawing of the person sitting across from us. The guy who did mine, the teacher commented on it looking like a dog, so I was like “GREAT, I look like a DOG.” XD

After that, I went back to the dorms and spent a couple hours on the computer. At lunch today I discovered a new friend. She lives right next door to me in the dorms, along with another friend I met independently. Weird. So anyway. We both had Comp and Speech, and at the same time, but with different teachers and in different buildings, Which I found quite odd. Anyway, after class, I went back to my dorm room and blasted “She Blinded Me With Science” down the hallway.


It’s a marvel to me.

Fabulous Thomas Dolby lyric.

Fabulous song.

But that’s besides the point.

Not that I’ve got one at the moment.

I am, again, finding myself with time to kill.

Three hours, in fact.

Until dinner.

And then nothing.

I need a hobby.


Where is Paint Shop Pro when you need it?

I guess I was mistaken in thinking that this year would be as entertaining as my last year of excursions in the dorm was.

But then again, I guess I may be speaking too soon, as it’s only the third day of classes this year.

Still, if I may say so, it’s not looking too promising.

Today.. let’s just say, on the Richter scale of excitement, the needle didn’t move too much.

Vanessa (my best friend)’s parents dropped her off at school exceedingly early, because they had to be at work really early. So, we wasted some time in the dorm computer lab before making our way up campus. There, we wasted more time in the AC (activity center), with Ben (nicknamed Monkey Arms).

Then it was time for Intro to Theatre, during which we talked about Greek Theatre. Nothing I haven’t heard before… so it bored me just a bit.

Then, I had an hour to waste, in which Damien, Ben, this Chris kid, one we call Pooty, and another kid I didn’t know had a quite odd discussion indeed. From everything to paintball guns and odd things like that, we talked about the universe. It was weird.

Then, I had choir. Mr. Ryner was pretty much deciding where to put people in a section, and I had to sing the same puny little half scale he made most everyone else do, and just about the entire choir looked at me in awe, and my face turned bright red.

Not that I enjoy bragging about myself by any means, but I do like when I get recognized for the talent that I have.

So that was fun. I also tried out for NIACC singers. Or so I thought. I wanted to join the North Iowa Choral Society, so he said that that tryout was going to be for the choral society, since me trying out was pretty much only a formality, that he knew I was talented enough to get in.

Again, not that I like bragging, as I occasionally see the line between bragging and just letting yourself be heard as difficult razor’s edge to successfully navigate. I don’t know if I have myself a mental problem or what, but I’m constantly worrying about if I’m crossing that fine line between full out bragging and just informing people. I suppose I shouldn’t worry too much about that, seeing as I’m quite humble, but I still dislike it a great deal if someone think’s I’m trying to brag when really, I’m not sure how to expose myself to the masses and still be humble about it.

Or, maybe I’m just one of the world’s oddities, a freak of nature in a society that damn near forces you to condemn yourself to conformity, and wags their finger at you disapprovingly if you are different.

But then, no society in the history of existance can be completely politically correct. It’s useless to even try. That’s not to say we can’t strive for an idea of equality, but I think people sometimes worry way too much about being politically correct. No matter what is put out for the public to gobble up, someone, somewhere on earth will more than likely be offended. In other words, we can’t put something out that doesn’t, for some reason, offend someone. So, that’s not to say we should be rude and crude all the time, but why try to please everyone at once? It’s not possible!

And yes, I realize that I can begin talking about one thing, and find a point related, but slightly different. I do this through an entire blog, and by the time I’m finished, I’m talking about something entirely different. I’m odd like that. 😉

Anytime, anywhere, in a corner of your mind’s eye.

I don’t think I’ve ever been inclined to write four blog entries in the same day, but desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. And, anyway, I don’t have anything else to do tonight except go to sleep, when I feel the need.

My lunch card was located, although I ate in silence by myself, so it wasn’t too enjoyable. Nobody can win them all, I suppose.

After I ate dinner, I resided in the computer lab for a few minutes.

Then Almond and I journeyed to the mall, where I played a single game of DDR, and she played a double game with me. I took her to the cleaners of course, but that’s only because DDR was the only thing keeping me sane this summer, so naturally the machine ate a loooot of my money.

So, you may have heard of the less than pristine condition of my room, and while I did not clean it to an immaculate state, it is now managable. It wouldn’t take me half an hour to get it looking neat.

I actually prefer my rooms neat, but I have no energy or willpower to clean them myself.

But don’t worry, I am in NO hurry at all to go back to my room. It’s only 7:28. I won’t feel like going to bed until at least 10pm. And to think I used to stay up till midnight last school year. Now it’s 10:30, and I’m like YAWN BORED.

I’m not feeling quite as philosophical as I was in the first three entries today, but we can only have so many of those moments, I guess.

I gather you’ve heard enough of my banter today. Not that I don’t have more, but there’s no use spouting it out, it wouldn’t differ too much from the other things you’ve heard today. 😉

Doing nothing of any importance.

Namely, your lively blog authoress has been overtaken by boredom once again.

I find myself with nearly an hour until the dorm cafetera opens for dinner, and I cannot even guarantee myself nourishment.

Lastnight, as you have probably already been informed, I accidentally left my lunch ticket on my dinner trey, but figured I could just pick it up at breakfast this morning, which had a, shall we say, less than affirmitive outcome. I checked my mailbox, and there was nothing there, because sometimes misplaced lunch cards are put in a student’s mailbox.

My lunch card’s fate, not so bright as those.

So, I’m planning on going down to the cafeteria when dinner starts, and asking again if they’ve found anything. I can even ask if they will let me eat that one time, and write my name down. The way that works is, the next meal, if you don’t have your card, you have to pay five bucks before you can eat there again.

If they either don’t have my ticket, or will not let me eat this one time, I will have to live off bagels, fruit snacks, and snack sized popcorn until either 1), my card is located, or 2), I come up with five bucks. My parents think I have 40 dollars, when in actually, I have less than 5.

Such was my money’s fate last year, also.

I know, the start of this year has allusions to my first year of residence here at NIACC, but in a different way, and in a way I do not choose to continue.

I spent 15 bucks yesterday alone, for no other reason than boredom.

I need to quit doing that, especially since Arby’s won’t give me hours, and Wal-Mart wants someone who can work 5 days a week, something that I cannot afford to do, as my time resources, much like my money ones, will become even more restricted in the coming weeks.

Bleh. I just feel restless, like one of those mini dust devils you see swirling around the sidewalks up campus here. Just a little whirlwind of leaves, spinning constantly, yet not moving very far. They are just left there to brew in their feelings of unrest. This is the mood that I currently convey, and I’m not obliged to like it one bit.

It’s sad, really.
I want time to hurry up, so dinner will start, but even then, I will only be occupied for an hour. After that, what’s to break the monotony of the rest of my night? Mel doesn’t go to NIACC anymore, so I can’t hang out in her room. Amanda, Kelly, Kiel, and Ryan are all fortunate enough to live with interesting people, off campus, so I can’t exactly go to them for entertainment.

So, that leaves me with Almond, and Lilly. It’s not the people, I am just restlessly bored with everything currently in my power to do, except DDR. But when you consider, I’d drive for ten minutes to get to the arcade. I have enough for at least two, possibly three games of DDR. But that would only waste fifteen minutes of my time. And if you add the ten minutes’ drive back, that’s only a measley thirty five minutes of my time. What would I do with the at least 4 hours until I’d be even remotely ready for bed?

I should probably clean my room, as it’s gotten to be a messy din already. Due to my not knowing where things are, and having the misfortune of tearing apart the entire room before I look in a more obvious place and find what I’m seeking.

Why couldn’t I just look in the easy place first, and avoid throwing my posessions all over hell?

Dammit, is it five yet?

Why am I so impatient?


Why can’t I find something to do and be content with it?

I don’t get it.

Help me get it.

Lol like you would know. If I don’t know myself, how can you be expected to know? That’s just silly of me to ask that of you.

I’m so weird.

I’ve been blinded by science.

Yet another testimony of my oddities. Not that the fact needed any more support, mind you.

I’m just your average, run-of-the-mill music obsessed, nearly manic depressive, addicted-to-food college kid.

 Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

Oh sure. I finally find something I feel like doing for more than half an hour, and that time on the clock that I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for for the last nearly two and a half hours is drawing ever nearer.

The grass is always greener on the other side, I suppose.

If I’m making no sense at all, it’s probably due to the amount of caffeine I’ve had today, albeit not a whole lot.

Just a Diet Dr. Pepper, and a delightful throwback to ‘Surge’ called “Vault Zero”.

I swear, in the sea of my weight crap, soda is the hull hole in my ocean liner.

There goes the oil. Exxon Valdez, anybody?

There has got to be more to the college students’ life than wasting away the time between classes with caffeine induced nonsensical rambling.

One thing I don’t understand is, I am so utterly bored when not in class, I wish the hours would pass like minutes, but when I actually get to class, I wish I wasn’t in class?

That damn greener grass on the other side of the fence.

In full awareness that I border on sounding emo, why can’t the damn grass be on this side of the fence? I feel that sometimes we’re just working for an idea of greatness we can never achieve. Why is it that what we strive for is only what we want until it’s in our grasp? Why not actually want something attainable, something that will not lose its luster once we actually achieve it?

And, as I say this, I argue with myself. If you wanted something you could have, it would be no challenge to get it, and in turn, our brains would be mush. It’s like finishing a 3rd grader’s homework. Sure, at my age, you would get everything perfect, and get a perfect grade, but what satisfaction do you get out of solving a problem an eight year old can do with ease? Would you rather try something too easy to comprehend and be guaranteed the correct answer, or try something harder that you may fail?

It’s a question that, in my nineteen years on this planet, I have failed to solve. So, maybe life is like my question. I do not know. Maybe nobody will ever figure it out.

Too much….time on my hands, it’s ticking away with my sanity.

Put plain and simply, I’m bored. Out of my small, collegiate mind.

The world decided that I needed to be up at 5:30 this fine morning. It also decided that it wouldn’t let me fall asleep after I got up to use the restroom.

To add to the promising start of my day, it’s only the second day of classes at this ‘fine’ establishment of learning, and I already lost my lunch card. It was left on my dinner tray lastnight, but I figured they would see it and have it waiting for me the next day, but apparently, I overestimated human intelligence.

My feet carried me from the dorm building up campus, where I purchased a crappily made breakfast burrito, and awaited the start of my 7:40 class.

We didn’t do much in 2D design, save for listening to the teacher ramble on and on.

And now, here I am, with two and a half long hours to kill, and nothing to do.

I started an account on this bloody site so I could comment on Thomas Dolby’s blog, but it won’t let me log in. Even when I copy and paste the damn username and password straight from my e-mail. It’s pissing me off, to put it lightly.