Short blog about today

Eh, I wanted to talk about stuff but didn’t care to clutter up facebook with it. Let’s see, what did I do today?

I made cold brew coffee. I had the thought this morning while pouring myself a cup of yesterday’s coffee because I’m not super picky about that sort of thing. So it steeped all day then I spent what felt like an eternity waiting for it to go through a coffee filter, at like 10pm.

I cleaned my bathroom today ( I have a really small bathroom but still). I vacuumed my kitchen and did dishes several times. This morning I dropped off a box and a bag of stuff at goodwill.  I also went for a walk to hit up some of the pokestops in town. I also needed a couple things from the dollar store so that was my excuse for leaving the house. Then for dinner I made the best grilled cheese ham sandwich with spicy mustard and pizza cheese.

Idk, I was just proud of myself for actually being productive today.