It’s ticking away with my sanity….


I’m going to begin where I left off (aka I can’t think of a witty line to start the entry out with). ^^;

First off, on Wednesday, I redyed the majority of my hair burgandy. If my dad hadn’t asked why I was taking so long in the bathroom, I would have been able to completely  hide the fact… I waited until Thursday to dye my bangs magenta.

I had to work on Friday during the day, as I had the Styx concert to go to in the evening.

The excitement of the concert really didn’t set in until about half an hour before the doors opened. I’d heard earlier in the day that Head East couldn’t get along with Styx and had pulled out of the concert. I didn’t cry over that because honestly, I only wanted to go at all to see Styx. If Styx had been first, I would have left before Head East performed anyway. But I digress. I had to wait for my dad to get home, or else I’d have been at the Surf right when the doors goddam opened. But I was happy because this meant that Styx would be free to play a longer set.

Anyway. I was the good kind of nervous. I calmed down long enough to have a Smirnoff Ice, though.

Omg. I just about died when Styx finally came on. I first discovered Styx roughly ten years ago, when I was still in middle school. If I’d known back then that one day I would actually get to see my favorite member in the flesh… Yeah. I was starstruck. I was screaming and waving my hands in the air practically the entire time. I practically yelled/sang every word to every song, probably very loudly and off key, but I didn’t care. My arms actually got tired from taking so many pictures and giving the rock salute so many times.

The band sounded fantastic. Tommy sounded amazing, both with singing and on his guitar, and so did JY (in fact, when he sang Snowblind, if it hadn’t been for me knowing the song so well, I almost would have thought they were playing the recording).

I was slightly curious as to what the band would do about songs that Dennis DeYoung would have done the lead vocals on but Styx didn’t disappoint me. Lawrence Gowan is the keyboardist and the one singing Dennis’ parts, and let me be the first to say that I now have a huge mad rock star crush on him. And, I’m not usually one to admit when I think someone has a cute ass, but Mr. Gowan certainly posesses a posterior that is easy on the eyes. Heh.

I ended up getting a 3/4 long sleeved tee shirt that says Styx, property of rock n roll on the front, and renegade 08 on the back. It costed 40 bucks, which was more than I had anticipated, but I could afford. That left me with only 10 bucks to bring to the Renaissance Festival, but the date that my family’s going to that allows me to get paid again before hand, so I’ll just take a bit out of that one to bring along.

Before I forget, at one point in the concert, Tommy was talking about when he first got called to join Styx, and he said something about, if you have a dream of something you really want to do and you’re just keeping it to yourself, to go right on and put it out there, because you never know what could happen.
I think I’m going to take his advice with some of my photography. There’s a really awesome photographer in my area who takes senior pictures, wedding pictures, etc. He took my senior pictures, and we listened to David Bowie the whole time. He’s cool. I want to take in some of my work and get an opinion, and possibly see if I could shadow him or have some sort of opportunity to be his assistant or something. You know, get my foot in the door.  I had talked of doing this before, and just a day or so before the concert, the family was talking about it at the dinner table, but I really think I’m going to start getting stuff together to actually come through and do that.
 paycheck needs to pay for my medication refills, because I currently have one allergy pill left, and only a few generic zantacs left.

Anyway. My  next paycheck will pay for my meds, a bit to take to the Fair, gas, and my savings account. I’ve said that before, but this time, I really mean it. I have no outstanding concerts or shit to keep extra out for.

Anyway. Because I expected to be out late for the concert, my brother worked Saturday morning for me. That left me free to go to Mason City with mom. She stopped at Goodwill, and I hit the fucking record jackpot that included FOUR albums by Night Ranger, a few soundtrack albums, a couple of random ones, and omg, one by The Who’s bassist, John Entwistle. The ‘Who’ fanatic in me freaked out. I don’t think his albums are all that easy to come by, but what do I know. lol.

Okay. So. Work lastnight was actually fun until the last like two hours, when I started getting swamped with all these awfully dirty and hard to clean dishes. I was in a bad mood. I didn’t get home until 11:30. Then I had to go to work this morning at 8am. I circulated between being in a good and bad mood today. The radio helped, as I’ve stated before. The radio was actually on a Who kick today, I heard like four songs by them. I ended up hearing “515” twice.

Well. That’s all she wrote for now.

This is for all the lonely people thinking that life has passed them by… Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup, and ride that highway in the sky…

This is for all the single people
Thinking that love has left them dry
Dont give up until you drink from the silver cup
You never know until you try…
-“Lonely People” by America.

Well, hello. I’m back, for lack of anything better to do and because the closing ceremony for the Olympics hasn’t quite started yet (it hadn’t when I began the entry, anyway).

Between when I worked last and Friday, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Except..

Okay. For almost the last two months, my work schedule has been the same each week. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all during the day for me, Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday during the day for my brother.

This week the boss went mental or something (but one can’t go  mental if they’ve already arrived). I came in on Friday morning, only to be told she didn’t have me on the schedule until that night. Which… You’d think if she was suddenly going to change the schedule I’ve worked for two months, she might have thought of telling me… But on the other side of the coin, I suppose it should ultimately be left up to me to find out when I work.. Althoughnow that I think about it, Zahra, the server who apparently did the schedule (almost the only one at the restaurant with any sense of organization), went back to college and now some random server is just making the schedule.

My brother is a junior in high school this year. He had told the boss that, once school started, he was only going to work Sundays, but he was on the schedule Saturday night. He was out playing tennis with friends. We got a call from one of the servers at the restaurant that David was supposed to come in, where was he. Well of course he didn’t go, because he made plans, ‘knowing’ that he wouldn’t be put down for anything that wasn’t on Sunday.  It torks me off a little.

Some random server doing the schedule? I was fine with Zahra doing it because she didn’t fuck it up [she’s smart like that], but honestly, shouldn’t the BOSS be the one in charge of that? Or if the boss delegates that duty upon someone else, shouldn’t she ultimately be the one who finalizes it? But that would be the smart thing to do, which is probably why it hasn’t been done.

Anyway. Friday night…When I first plugged in my radio, ‘Photograph’ by Def Leppard was on. I also heard ‘Dreams’ by Van Halen, which I had literally listened to on youtube like ten times earlier that day… The rest of the night was uneventful except the radio show that began at like 7pm or something only played one good song all night (I believe it was ‘Shot in the Dark’ by Ozzy Osbourne). I was disappointed, because the radio started out so great.

Saturday morning, I was in a bad mood. I hadn’t gotten that much sleep (a road near ours is closed, it’s being turned into a one way, which means we’re having more traffic and noise on our street), so that was lovely.

As per the workload, with the exception of a quick breakfast rush, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Until the last hour of work. I had a weird mood swing where I was suddenly depressed for some reason…

Anyway. Today, work was very slow for a Sunday. Usually we’ll get a rush or two, but today, the work was pretty much evenly spread out. My brother (who also worked today) and I had a lot of time to just sit and chill out, which is unheard of for a Sunday.

Fridays, half the time at work is doing nothing. Saturday, there is more work, but still lots of time for chilling out. On a usual Sunday, we’ll barely have time to slip off to use the restroom, or to refill our sodas, we’re so busy.

I didn’t miss the extra rushes, though. Don’t get me wrong. 😉

Today, the cooks were amusing. Justin was there on buffet duty, but he was dressed in chef garb, down to the coat and chef hat. I was wishing I’d had my camera with me (seeing as I thought I’d left it at home) but it turns out it was in my purse the whole time, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to speak of. Dammit.

So, I got paid on Friday. I got $210. I have paid my parents back (total of 45 bucks), put $25 worth of gas into my gas tank, bought the burgandy and magenta hair dye, and finally bought a tee shirt at Fashion Bug that I’ve looked at literally every single time I’ve been there this summer.  I figured, it’s now or never.

Basically, I have 100 left. Half of it is going into the bank.  The other half is being saved for 1, a tee shirt at the Styx concert, and 2, possibly getting a souvenir at the Renaissance fair (which my dad got free tickets to). I’m not sure if they have tee shirts at the concert. I didn’t notice any at the last concert I was at there, but then again, I didn’t exactly go looking for them…

My next paycheck is going completely to gas, my savings account, and refilling my prescriptions. That. Is. It. On that note, I’ve been guaranteed a few dates at work. The list is in my purse, but it’s good to know that I’ll be guaranteed like, ten days of work in the next month. Which isn’t a lot, but it is a whole lot better than nothing.

The last weekend the restaurant is open is Labor Day, but I’ll still be needed for special events (weddings, etc).  After that, I am going to remind the boss that she said she might be able to get me a couple nights a week at her other restaurant (and quite frankly, I’ve been dependable and done damn good work, so I can’t see why she would have a problem with it).

If you’re wondering why I chose the lyrics I did for today’s entry, I have been a bit lonely lately. My best friend lives an hour and a half/two hours away. I don’t talk to anybody, outside of my internet friends and people at work.. I basically work and come home, that’s it… I did talk on the phone with my best friend a few days this week. Yesterday, we were both on the computer at the same time, and I hung on the phone even after we pretty much ran out of things to say. Knowing we’re both on the same website is really the only way we can hang out without me actually driving to her house, save for being on the phone.

I really miss when she lived here and I got to see her a lot more. According to her, besides a few people from work, the only people she has to talk to are her boyfriend’s friends. I said, if it made her feel any better, I didn’t even have a boyfriend whose friends I could hang out with.

That’s another thing. I have said before I know I don’t need anybody to validate my existance. And that’s still true, but it doesn’t take away the fact that I get a little huffy when people around me are always talking about their respective boy/girlfriends. A lot of my thought processes have changed, but one thing still remains; I get crushes on the wrong people. I won’t mention any names because it’s one of those crushes that I know I’ll never act on and (aside from mentioning it here in passing) will never let anyone else in on (unless of course he notices when I check him out lol ). Besides. There’s an issue with age and of him already being taken. And I can see why he is. xD


The Styx concert is this Friday. IT’S IN LIKE FIVE GODDAM DAYS… EEEEEEE. ^_____________^

As I’ve mentioned before, I plan on redying my hair burgandy and magenta a few days before the concert so it’s still very fresh and vibrant. I am going to do the redying on Wednesday, but I have to be careful how I plan and go about it.
My mother has already said she doesn’t want me to dye my hair again in this house, but I’ve already done it once under her nose (a couple weeks ago I touched up my blonde bangs to tide me over until I redid the burgandy/magenta stuff).  She told me I’d have to do it outside, which there is only one problem with that. No mirror.

So. Either I find a mirror that I can take outside, or, I just be careful about how I do it inside. I have a couple bath towels that I have made hair dye towels that I can line the floor with. I have one hair dye hand towel.  I can wear my bath robe so none of my shirts get stained. There won’t be a problem (except having like, half an hour to wait).
All I’d really have to deal with is mom shouting at me when she saw that I’d redone my hair.

I’m going to go now. Not that anybody reads them. Way back when I first started this, I was always eloquent with how I said things, now my writing is worse than a 5th grader’s reading homework.

Anyway. Unless something particularly exciting happens between now and Friday, I’m guessing the next entry you will get will be one on Saturday, about the concert.

What does it matter to you when you’ve got a job to you got to do it well You gotta give the other fella hell….

-“Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney.

Hello one and all blog readers. Probably closer to one. If any at all!

Anyhoo. Let’s begin where we left off, shall we?
After the wedding, after party, and the work day that I was late to, not a lot happened, aside from my playing MapleStory and getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that the goddam wild boars don’t drop the weighted earrings nearly as much as other game players have said… But that’s another topic for another ramble.

Friday at work was more than manageable. My car was in the shop so my dad had to drop me off…
Thankfully it wasn’t super busy like last Friday… There were more than a few points where I was left with nothing to do. So the cook I don’t like decided to be an ass and gave me an empty trash bin that people either 1, do not use a liner for, or two, just miss the fucking liner and get it straight in the bin. But it was disgusting. I couldn’t really refuse though, because there was literally nothing else to do. I ended up getting off work earlier than I’d told my dad so I had to call him to pick me up (as my car wouldn’t be out of the shop for a couple hours).
Well, those couple hours passed, and I was surprised to find the old, crappy radio with the defunct tape player had been replaced with a cd player. The mechanic guy is a funny old guy that drinks too much beer, and he told me I could have the cd that was in there.

I didn’t keep the cd. In fact, after I took it out I tried to break it in half, as it was a rap cd. I tried melting it with a ligher earlier but I think I’ll just sparkler it to death later tonight with some left over sparklers from my trip to Vanessa’s. After I picked up my car, I browsed the records at the second hand store, and a few antique stores in town, but nobody had anything good. My favorite antique store did have a Beatles ’45 of Revolution/Hey Jude, but it was beat to death. I was really pissed, because that would have been a kick ass single, but my money is pretty tight right now and I couldn’t justify paying five dollars for a record I wouldn’t even be able to play. I keep wanting to get the Rubber Soul album but they want forty goddam dollars for it, and I would only pay that if it were autographed.

Anyway. Saturday. I usually work during the day but I switched shifts with my brother… I went shopping with mom and ended up only buying a cheap 5 dollar peace sign necklace at Claires. On one hand, it’s annoying that all these little trend following tweenagers are buying up anything that could be even remotely related to hippies, but on the other, it’s nice for people like myself that want more retro,  hippie-ish style jewelry. On that note, I’ve been getting more into recycling and stuff, going so far as to save glass bottles and cardboard from the kitchen trash cans to take home and put out with our recycling.

ANYWAY. Back to work. Work that night was decent. I knew it wouldn’t be busy because nights generally aren’t.

Towards the beginning, I was putting a plate away in a cupboard that is near the walk in fridge. I didn’t know the nice cook (I think his name is Justin) was in there.. He swung the door open and the huge metal handle bludgeoned my wrist.. He apologized and everything but my hand still feels a bit weird… xD
Anyway. There was a radio show on my (haha, I call it mine anyway) classic rock station, 103.7 called Uncle Scotty’s Hot Tub. I am generally not listening that late at night, but it was amusing. People call in to request rock songs, but somebody actually requested Clay Aiken… haha. It’s like calling in to a heavy metal show and requesting the Carpenters. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. I’m glad that wasn’t something they had in their library, personally…

Anyway, sometimes rock stars call the DJ and talk for a bit, and I nearly hyperventilated when he announced that Def Leppard’s own Vivian Campbell was going to be on the phone… The dj made me laugh when he was talking to Viv.. Viv has a sort of Irish accent (which is incredibly sexy by the way) and the dj teased Viv a bit by saying ‘What language do you speak there? I think it’s English?” and Viv laughed. On that note, the other day I was watching Vh1Classic and I saw the vid for “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio… Viv used to play with Dio and he was in that video… and he was really hot. xD Anyway.
Back to work (again) lol. One of the nice cooks was working and told me how much better the music was on my side of the kitchen… Lol I almost told him he should have been a dishwasher so he could hang out with me and listen to the good station lol. I got off work at about 10:30 or so, I believe. I didn’t stay up long because I had to be at work at 8am this morning.

Work today began okay. We really didn’t start getting busy until after 10:30, and even then, we were only super busy until about noon or 1pm. Although, my brother and I did get really annoyed at the cooks. They brought over two empty trash bins that had an inch or two of food in the bottom of them.. The food seriously looked like it had been painted some sick shade of black/brown/etc, and it stank to high heaven… At first I refused to clean them out.. My brother and I discussed how the cooks can clean shit too, that THEIR garbages that WE never use can get that nasty and then they can just tell us to clean up their fucking mess… I can tell you one thing. If the incompetant cooks let their garbages get that bad again, they are going to be the ones paying for it.

On the plus side, having my radio on the classic rock station at work keeps my mood a good five notches above what it would be if I had to listen to the modern rock/rap/tweenager pop BS the cooks have on their radio.

On Sundays, my classic rock station plays a few of these “Flashback” things, where they have a short radio show with a bunch of songs that relate to a particular theme. One of the themes happened to be “colors” to which they played some amazing songs like ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane, “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, “White Room” by Cream… I thought they should have also played “Blue Collar Man” by Styx and “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones.. xD

Not long after my brother and I got off work, got home, and got cleaned up, the family went out to eat, as it’s our tradition to go out to eat the day before school starts. School for my mother (who is a part time teacher/high school librarian) and my brother (who will be a junior this year) starts tomorrow, and both wish they could put it off… xD It kind of makes me miss going to school, but I am going be nice and moved out before I set foot in NIACC again. Depending on how much money I make and monthly expenses once I move out, I might try to go out for choir for the Spring 2009 Semester so I can be involved with Quodlibet again, but I don’t know if it’ll happen. Once I go back to school I need to concentrate on finishing my degree in Graphic Arts… I may take choir.. I want to take piano lessons again but if I choose any music lessons at all, I would take guitar lessons. I took guitar lessons a couple summers when I was in high school but didn’t learn much. I can still barely play some chords, and I can’t note pick worth a shit (I can’t even play the beginning riff of Stairway to Heaven, if that tells you how remedial I am).. I’m not saying I’m good enough at piano to not need lessons, but I know enough so that I can pretty much teach myself a piece if I really want to learn it… Guitar, not so much. I can only accomplish so much on my own, googling tabs and chords on the internet.

That’s about all I have to say, lest this entry become more of a ramble than it already is.





And it’s a prime time, maybe the stars were right…

-Prime Time, by the Alan Parsons Project.

(I chose this lyric because of Ryan and Amanda’s wedding, if you’re wondering)

I suppose I should begin this entry where I left off at my last one.
The bachlorette party. I wasn’t at the bowling alley that long. I could have actually left much much earlier, and if I had I might have actually gotten to bowl a game, or sing kareoke in the bar in there. But oh well.

We stopped to buy some cheer beer and then went to Amanda’s house. All we did pretty much was listen to music and drink. lol.

I got bored at one point so I went upstairs and listened to a few songs on youtube (as, my musical taste is usually radically different from what those friends like to play around me). I ended up sleeping on the floor with my head right next to the radio, which was just on for noise.
Anyhoo. I left super early in the morning, and went home to chill out for a while. I had intended on leaving my house at 9:30 or 9:45 at the latest but it was about 10am before I actually left. I followed the directiosn I got on mapquest perfectly, but I was still paranoid that I’d missed a turn off or something.

Anyhoo. I got there all right.

I saw a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in ages, and some it hadn’t been that long. For one, RJ, although I really do not like hugging him, but every time he sees me he has to hug me. I wish I could reject the hug without seeming rude because I really actually hate hugging him. No offense to him. There are a lot of people that I would rather they didn’t hug or touch me, but whatever.

Moving on…
The usher at the wedding sat me right in the front row, way off to the side though, which was not a very good photo opportunity.

It was a nice wedding. It wasn’t too long or too short. The only thing I didn’t like was the minister (priest, whatever the fuck you call them) rattling off a bunch of God stuff. Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever get married, but if I do, first off, it’s NOT going to be in a church, and I am not going to have some minister babbling incessantly about the “marriage is between a man and woman, god’s love, united in god” BS. Amanda is Christian so that’s fine, if I was a Christian, I would probably want all that said at my wedding as well…

The reception was in the basement of the church, and while waiting for people to cycle through the food line, I had a bit of time to talk to people and think about stuff. It got a little uncomfortable, though.

It’s great seeing some of these people, but no offense, when talking to a few of them (one in particular), I am actually not so sad that I lost most contact with. I’m sorry. It’s fun talking to B sometimes, but she is still disgusted with man-woman talk or references of any nature, and still has to refer to her being a lesbian all the time, and she doesn’t know when I’m kidding. Jesus fucking Christ, dude.

I always say things like “MY ASS IS HUGE” and shit, but I’m not trying to put myself down or anything, and I said shit like that yesterday and B would get really pissed and be all ‘You haven’t changed at all’.

Um, the fuck I haven’t. Sure. Lots of shit is the same, but there are some things about me that are very different. Plus… I don’t know. I almost got to where I missed hanging out with B all the time, and no offense but I’m not all that sad I don’t see her that much… She’s one of those friends that I can only handle in small doses.. This is not a dis! Don’t think that. It’s just me being honest.

Anyway. I hadn’t known before, but there was going to be an after party at Kiel’s house. I hadn’t planned on staying in Osage that long (as I had to work today), but I figured, what the hell. It’s not every day one of my friends gets married, and a bunch of people are going to celebrate.

I gave B a ride to the after party. We had a hell of a time getting to Kiel’s. We followed directions, but turns out, we just went too far. He lives on a gravel road, and his house is surrounded by cornfields. I kid you not. From the road, if you don’t know any better, you cannot even see that there is a driveway or a house there. It honestly looks like there is no break in the huge field of corn.

Anyway. We finally made it. At first, everybody was just hanging out. Kiel lives on a farm that raises a crapload of turkeys. They’re all white. Every single one of them. It was weird.

We even got to see a baby turkey.

Anyway. We started drinking really early, at like, 3 or 4 pm or something. Can’t remember exactly when. I took it slowly. They had a huge cooler full of vodka spiked lemonade that I had three or four glasses of, at least. I didn’t chug them either. I took my time. After those, during the course of the afternoon/evening, I had at least four, maybe five Bacardi Raz coolers, and one Smirnoff green apple one. I brought the book I checked out (the one about Keith Moon that was written by his long time assistant, Dougal), and I was reading that on and off. At one point I had to stop because I was having a hard time getting my focus to stay on one line so I could read it. xD

I briefly commandeered the stereo in the living room. Someone had an Elton John cd in and I skipped ahead to Honky Cat and freaking cranked up the volume (and it was loud before lol). I also heard a couple of songs by the Eagles, but again, most of my friends (and the people there I didn’t know) have kind of a different taste in music than I do. Or, they like some of the same stuff, but just not as much…. But those were pretty much the only songs I heard all night that I actually liked.

I got to sleep on a couch this time, instead of the floor, but Kiel lied when he called it the most comfortable couch in the world. It practically fucking ATE me. I could have disappeared behind the cushions.

I had to get up early anyway, but it didn’t help that I kept waking up every hour or so (more often when it was nearing the time I wanted to leave). It was really annoying, but I suppose it guaranteed that I didn’t sleep in a few hours and miss work or something.

I had some trouble getting back home. I don’t know what I did wrong but I ended up on Highway 9, going in god knows what direction. I hit a stroke of luck when I saw a sign that said Plymouth and had an arrow. I went, “SWEET! I know where that is, I can get home from there!”.

When I got home, I had enough time to change clothes, take my allergy pill, and stuff a piece of dry french toast in my mouth before I had to high tail it to work.

I ended up being ten or fifteen minutes late, but I called home at 7:30 to ask if my mom would tell my brother to tell the boss I was going to be a little late. LOL confusing.

But yeah. I felt kind of hung over for a little bit, not very long, and then I felt great. My favorite radio station (103.7 The Fox) once again, did not disappoint me. I recall at least three songs by The Who and a couple by Led Zeppelin, along with other songs I totally loved.

For a while, work was really freaking busy, even for a Sunday. After the morning rush, we were still getting a steady pile up of dishes, which at one or two points pissed me off greatly and I ended up wanting to drown myself in dishwater for those moments.

So, the last hour of work, I felt absolutely awful, like I might hurl at any given moment. Who knows why. My hangover had a second wind, I guess. xP I’m still not feeling the greatest. My throat and chest hurts, and I have a wicked headache but when you have allergies like mine, plus acid reflux, you kind of get used to the sort of pain I’m in right now. Even though I’m used to it, though, doesn’t mean I hate it any less. xD

I’m so glad I don’t work for a few days now. My brother and I were seriously the happiest people in the world when we clocked out at work. We’re going to do something later tonight, but I don’t know what. Possibly going to the lake, or something at home, who knows.. It was my idea because while I was at work, I went “You know, we should do something fun when we get home”. Because work today sucked, and my brother didn’t get off work lastnight until 11:30pm. We both want to kind of unwind.

Well. I’m off to unload the pictures and video clips I took yesterday, so until the next time, toodles. ;D

I’m so excited…

-The Pointer Sisters (LOL!)

I’m back, like I said I would be. xD

Today, as you most likely all know, I had to work. Now, usually Fridays are unbearably slow. Once I get done doing the few dishes that built up before I got came in to work, there is barely anything to do.

Not so today. By no means was it very busy compared to weekends and holidays, but for a Friday, it was busy. Once during the day, I got two full bus tubs at once. Which is unheard of for a Friday. Which torked me off a little. It was barely anything, though. I didn’t even break a sweat.

The first chunk of the day was fun. The cook that I enjoy working with was there, and she has the classic rock station on her radio, and I had it on mine. They were playing a ton of good songs (they ended up playing like, 3 songs by Led Zeppelin, one by Queen, three or four by The Who..).

At 1 or so, the cook I don’t like came in, and for about an hour he left his radio on the classic rock station.

Until Stairway to Heaven came on. He took a psychology class, and if it’s the one began taking at NIACC, he was taught the same shit about ‘backward masking’ as I was, and I for one think that it’s complete bullshit.

The mind is supposed to make sense of chaos. The mind is very powerful. It can see something in nothing. Despite what overly paranoid psychology professors are saying, back masking is a load of crap.

Turn any song backwards, and in all the random sounds, it is easy to think you heard a word, when actually, it’s just a hodgepodge of noise.

Do you know how complicated it would be to write lyrics with how they would sound backwards in mind? I doubt people have that in mind when writing music.

I mean maybe now they might, because they’ve heard so much about back masking, but honestly, if I didn’t know anything about it, I would be hearing a bunch of random sounds.

In fact, in class when we went over this, he played a bit of Stairway to Heaven backwards, without supposed lyrics, and nobody in the class could understand more than one word. It wasn’t until the lyrics were posted and the clip played again that anybody understood it.
The teach also said that the mind only registered the supposed subliminal message for a few seconds before it forgot, but I smell BS because how on earth would they know the mind only remembered for a few seconds? That’s not even enough time to get a response from people you might be testing this theory on.

But, I digress. The cook being an ass. He likes to throw crumbs, little pieces of food, etc, at the servers, and I saw him. I told him, I really hated when he did that, it showed no maturity whatsoever, and with all the arrogance in the world, he went “I don’t care”.

I would really like to punch this kid, but my desire to keep this job and be able to work at the other restaurant during the year is much stronger than my desire to punch him, so for now I’ll keep my mouth shut and my fist to myself.

At one point during the day, I sat down for like, two seconds while waiting for a rack of dishes to get out of the sanitizer, and the boss jumped all over it, and sent me to the green cabin to clean up (as I’ve said before, the restaurant has apartments and hotel rooms they rent out, I’ve done a bit of housekeeping several times), and that made me really angry.

First off, I was promised ten dollars an hour to housekeep, and when she pulls me away while I’m clocked in as a dishwasher, at 7.25 an hour, it makes me a little angry. I mean. Sure. I wasn’t there that long, it was the principle of the thing.

That anger soon waned though, as I don’t mind housekeeping work all that much.

Anyway. I got paid today. I put $130 into my savings account which brings the grand total of my savings to 450 bucks.

Nowhere near the amount I need to consider moving out, but it is a step forward, which is all that really matters, I guess. I kept out little over 100 bucks, because I owed my mom 40 (the other day, we went to the Medford Mall in Minnesota, and I got two shirts and a little thing of body lotion), and I needed a new pair of jeans, and had some other small things I wanted to get.

I ended up paying 32 bucks for a pair of jeans at Fashion Bug. I also got a necklace and some cheap earrings (one of them was at least 30 percent off). I got a few random things at Wal Mart; cheap blonde hair dye (to tide my hair over until I fully redo my burgandy/magenta hair before the Styx concert), a thing of mechanical pencil lead, and a four pack of raspberry- pomegranate wine coolers. Which wasn’t that much money.

My car still has a full tank of gas because besides the library and work, I never go anywhere.

Amanda is having a bachlorette party at a bowling alley tonight which my friend B told me on the phone, which I found out after I’d spent the last of my money, so I had to borrow 20 bucks from my mother, which she’ll get paid back in two weeks when I get paid again.

I still can’t believe that Amanda and Ryan are getting married! I’m so excited and happy for them. ^_^

A bunch of people that will be there (and at the bachlorette party tonight, which, B won’t be there for a couple hours yet so I’ll be up late tonight) I haven’t seen or talked to in a very, very long time, so that will be awesome.

I feel kinda weird (talking to B on the phone for sure) partly because it’s been so long, and partly because I’m not the same person I was when I was talking to them almost every day, so I hope that doesn’t cause any problems.

I am, however, going to wear my Beatles tee shirt to the bowling alley to freak B out (she is the biggest Beatles fan I know). xD

I’m just really excited. I wish I could bring Vanessa to the bachlorette party, but she’s like, two hours away, and probably has to work tomorrow morning.. She’s really the only person I knew back then that I still talk to regularly… Which is sad. We sorta lost contact. I haven’t even had B’s phone number since I inherited my parents’ phone, and they got new ones, which was a looong time ago. In fact, I don’t have lots of those guys’ phone numbers. Not since the phone change.

Okay. I’m apparently at the mania stage of manic depression, because I want to talk 100 miles an hour and want to think of and do everything at once.

That’s all, folks.

Srsly. I’m going to run off and play Maple Story for a little bit. Then I’ll get dressed. B is supposed to call me around 10pm, or whenever her entourage gets to the Rose Bowl, but I want to be dressed and ready so all I have to do is get in the car and go when B calls me.

Let’s see if I can remember which one is the Rose Bowl.



Well, Im hot blooded, check it and see, I got a fever of a hundred and three

-“Hot Blooded”, by Foreigner.

I may not have a fever of a hundred and three, but that’s what the temperature outside feels like. Fuck’s sake.

So, today was the day of the Pope Family Reunion, which screwed up my work schedule. For the past like month now [practically] I’ve worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the day. This is the first Sunday all summer that I haven’t been working.

Which is why it didn’t quite register when dad was talking about having to work tomorrow… For a second I went “WTF” because it really doesn’t feel like Sunday. Yesterday seemed like Sunday so I knew today was going to feel like Monday.  It’s weird.

Last entry I mentioned the Styx concert on the 29th and maybe getting backstage but it probably won’t happen. My dad talked to Mark Skaar (dj at my favorite radio station) and he said that Styx were huge germophobes and didn’t even want to meet the people who paid extra on their tickets so they could hang backstage after the show.  So, like I said before, I wasn’t waging all my hopes on the bet but it still torked me off a little. But really. I can’t be all that mad because I’m still seeing Styx in concert. I’m still going to SEE them and get pictures of them. Just.. Not one of them AND me. xD

At the last concert I went to at the Surf, my dad and I kinda stood on the sidelines and watched from there, but for Styx I’m going to be as close to the goddam stage as I can get. I’m also planning to re-dye my hair a day or two before the concert so my bangs will be bright and pink for the concert. I figure, it doesn’t matter how many people are there, bright pink hair is kind of hard for people to miss.  [Seriously. When my bangs were still bright pink, I swear every kid I saw would stop in their tracks and stare. And most adults took a look but were polite enough not to stand there with their mouths open lol]

I’m just hoping Wal-Mart still has the magenta hair dye. If not I’ll have to try Sally’s Beauty Supply or something. But seriously, if Wal-Mart doesn’t have it I’m going to be pissed. lol

Anyway. Back to the family reunion. I woke up really early. At like, six am. Which was good because we ended up leaving by 7:30. I burned a cd, as I do a lot of times when we’re going to go on a car trip. It was a weird mix of songs. It had two songs by Bad Company on it, two songs by the Beatles, Def Leppard’s cover of Queen’s ‘Dear Friends’, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, Mrs Brown You’ve got a Lovely Daughter.. Iko Iko… Dreams by Van Halen.. yeah. Strange mix. Anyway.

The drive there took literally no time at all even though Bussey, IA is a four hour drive from here. It was weird. I think we only stopped once on the way there.

When we got there, there weren’t very many people there at all. We waited a little longer than normal to eat lunch. A few more people came. I got some adorable pictures of a little baby [I think he’s the son of one of my cousins.. Not sure how I’m related to his father though so I have no idea].

The little cutie wanted to eat my jewelry. He kept grabbing at this bright red heart necklace I was wearing. xD I kept stealing him from other people because he was so damn cute. His family went home early though because it was very hot out, plus they were probably concerned about sunburns even though we were underneath a picnic shelter (or whatever the fuck you call them lol).

Plus plus [lmao] he was getting kinda pissy lol. We did get a few cute smiles out of him though.

Anyhoo. We didn’t stay as long as we normally do. Probably because my annoying cousins (I think they’re my cousins) had arrived. Their parents.. Yeah. I won’t get into it. They’re bible thumping morons, but not as bad as one of my uncles [A preacher with like, 6-8 kids. I lost count]. They sponge off my grandpa. They have lived in his house for years but have never paid rent. Grandpa always has to babysit them band he doesn’t get paid for that either. They eat his food. Ugh. 

Once we were over at the house for Thanksgiving and mom mentioned the newest Harry Potter book and the youngest kid immediately went “OH, HARRY POTTER, HE’S BAD, HE’S BAD”. One of them was playing a military related video game with the object of shooting people. I fail to see how a fictional character who uses magic is worse than a video game with guns in it. Their justification was ‘god put guns on the earth so it’s okay’ and some bs about the devil and witchcraft… That should give you a clue as to the kind of religious lies that they’ve been feeding their children. That side of my family is bent on making sure that southern Iowa gets its share of ignorance.

Now first off, the kid playing the game wasn’t that young, but still young enough to where I wouldn’t allow him to play a shooting game like that if he were my kid. Seriously, people. Do some research.

Speaking of parents not reading up on their shit, the other day, my parents and I went to the theatre to see The Dark Knight, and parents were bringing their little like, five year olds in. It’s like. THE MOVIE IS PG-13 FOR A GODDAM REASON. Personally at some points I think the PG-13 rating wasn’t quite high enough.

Don’t you think, as a parent, you’d do some research instead of being stupid and going “Oh, it’s a Batman movie, I can take little Johnnie to see it”. So you wonder why you have to escort your children out when the movie gets violent (happened during the movie).

I mean. He slams a guy’s head on a pencil for fuck’s sake. It’s certainly too violent for me to feel comfortable taking a kid under the age of ten, that’s for sure. And even at ten I’d be a little concerned…

Besides. The plot of that movie is by no means something a young child could wrap their little minds around. This little kid in front of us was constantly asking his dad what was going on and the dad had to keep going “Shut up and watch!”.

It was a kick ass movie though. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and spew all this crap about it being the best movie of all time, and it being the best grossing movie of all time.. If tickets still cost what they did like ten years ago, the sales figures wouldn’t be quite so astronomically huge… But it was still a damn good movie and I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I’m going to be very, very pissed if the academy award isn’t for Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker.

And not just because he died recently, either.

That was sad. I was upstairs in my room when all of a sudden mom ran to the bottom of the stairs and went “OMG, HEATH LEDGER DIED” and I was like WHAT THE FUCK?! I mean. I wasn’t a huuuge fan of him or anything, but it was so unexpected. I mean. He hadn’t been in the news that much recently so it was like, nothing, and then BAM! Dead.  Jesus, he was only like 27. He wasn’t that old at all. [It’s things like this that have me convinced there is no God. If ‘He’ was so powerful,  he could prevent shit like that].

Seriously, people need to get smart about prescription drugs and knowing what you can’t mix. Don’t you think you’d want to check that out before you start popping random pills? I mean. When people die like that, it’s sad, but it’s like, Dude, you should have known what you were doing wasn’t going to end well.

But then again, not everyone in the world is as paranoid about dying as I am… ^^; And it’s easy to say that in a [somewhat] rational state of mind, but when things like that happen to people, they usually aren’t thinking clearly…

Wow. Okay. Have you noticed how ADHD these blogs are? I start out talking about one thing and by the time I get to the end, I’m talking about something completely different, and I’ve covered like, a bazillion topics. xD

It’s almost over, I swear.

Anyway. I don’t know what my plans for tomorrow are. I’ll probably go to Wal-Mart to pick up the digital prints I ordered. Although. Sometime this week I need to borrow some money from mom because I don’t get paid until Friday, and K-Mart is having a super good sale on colored Sharpies. Five bucks a pack. And for the multipacks, too. Even my mom said that was a damn good price. xD

Good lord. Now I’m talking about colored sharpies. I really don’t have a life do I? xD

Anyway. Until later. See ya. ;D