Picture this: a photoblog entry.

Hello there, children. I know it’s been a while since I wrote in here, but that is to be expected, as I rarely have anything eloquent to say. The same is true right now. I have a shit load of pictures on my computer with nothing to do, so instead of deleting a bunch of them, I thought I’d throw together a picture blog entry. I have more on the way, so if I can’t write a bunch of crap you want to read at least you’ll have something to look at. This will probably be unfinished when you get it because I have limited computer time, and this kinda takes forever to post

One of the many odd things I find around town. This black croc has been sitting on that fence post for weeks. I keep waiting for somebody to claim it but I don’t know if they will at this point.


I thought my shadow looked neat while I was out biking one evening. This was basically one of those “blindly aim and hope I got what I wanted” shots because the bicycle was actually in motion at this point and I didn’t want to crash into any parked cars. xD


A shovel I found washed up at the shore. I hope somebody just left it there, but knowing what I’ve found on the beach, it probably did wash up

 I like this picture, although I don’t know how artistic it is. I routinely mistake these green leaves for little pieces of smoothed glass, as green is my favorite color to find and therefore the one I always look out for.

This guitar (Who I named Layla, after the Derek and the Dominos song) has a bit of a story behind it. My great aunt and uncle are in a nursing home now, and my aunt (my mom’s sister, so as not to confuse you) was the one put in charge of their finances. We had to sell their house, so we had to go through it (my mom, myself, my aunt, and my grandma). This guitar was one of the things I brought home from there. My mom and her sister used to play pretend with this guitar when they were kids. It’s missing a string, but it may as well be missing the rest because they need to be replaced. It came with a box of what I think are new strings (or new whenever they were bought), and a bunch of steel guitar playing finger attachment thingers, although to be honest, if I get this restringed, I’ll be playing it as a normal acoustic guitar. I like owning a bit of my family’s history.

This was a lucky shot. I don’t usually get very dynamic shots of birds, but this one turned out. I didn’t have the heart to resize it… Sorry for those of you with normal sized computer screens. Using widescreens at the library does distort my view a bit. xD Seeing as I have more room

Two ravens perched on a rock by the lake shore. This is another shot that doesn’t jump out at me as artistic, but I like the feeling of it. And since I’m more of a conceptual photographer anyway, I guess it works.

 I stopped in a local coffee shop to have a drink, and I sat and read the paper for a while to kill time because it was raining a bit outside. I saw this quote in an article, and I know they didn’t mean to, but they kind of offended me (I am a self proclaimed hippie). Like… “Oh, before only tree hugging hippies did that.” like a dismissive statement. Maybe they didn’t mean it that way, but that’s the way I interpreted it. I’m tired of  ‘tree hugging hippie’ being used as almost a derogatory term. I can’t speak for the rest of them, but is it so bad to be a tree hugging hippie? Something so bad it has to be used as a dismissive term? Is having respect for mother earth such a horrible thing?
We aren’t all barefoot ,unwashed, radical, pot smokers who sit around and get high all day. I like going barefoot when I can, but come on now.

No story to tell here. I was on my way to band practice (In the summer, I play clarinet in a municipal band) and as usual, I had my camera with me.

The first picture I took when my mom and I went to see the old airplane event at the airport. It was free to get in and see all the airplanes, but  rides cost more money than we had with us and were even willing to pay (and by we I mean my mom and I).


There were some people in period costume, so I took pictures of them while they weren’t looking (Which is my favorite way to photograph people) And I swear on all that is holy, if you steal either of these pictures from me, I WILL FIND YOU and you will not like what I do to you as a result


Despite the kid standing in the background (of the first picture), I like this picture. There were just too many people running about to have much time to get shots of the airplanes alone. Or like, I’d try to take a picture of an airplane and think I got the airplane by itself until I looked at my camera screen and saw some fat old man in the way on the side or something. As for the second picture, that was about as close to artistic as I got when we’re concerning ourselves with pictures of the actual airplanes. Btw. I put these side by side to save some room because this entry is going to be huge.

I am going to safety save here, kids. Trust me, it gets frustrating when you spend ages dragging all the pictures down to where you want them, and then have the computer freeze on you and lose all your progress.