Is this the world we created?

Hi there.

I’d like to say my life has been oh so interesting and entertaining since my last entry, but that would be a lie. I’m just bored. And, whilst listening to music, I got to thinking. Scary, I know, and yes, I do smell burning hair in case you were wondering  😉

Why are people mean? Honestly, what reason is there for people combating hostility with more hostility? Fighting fire with fire doesn’t always work, as is painfully obvious in this case.

What good does it do? I’m going to shout at you because that will surely make you understand my point kindly, right? When disagreeing with someone, why get all bothered and angry about it? It’s not going to help the other person understand your point and accept your opinion; it’s just going to make them curl into a little ball and lash out in retaliation. Even though hostility might seem like an effective enough defense mechanism, I’ve found that it does exactly the opposite of what you intend to do by being hostile!

Why not try a kinder, halfway polite vessel to deliver your message in? It makes more sense to me. If you’re kind, and halfway polite about it, people will be less likely to lash  out at you, unless of course they’ve got something lodged up their arse. And, it can get more people to see your point of view. 

Let’s face it, people; if one side of the argument is remaining calm and decent, and the other is being absurd and antagonistic about it, who are people more likely to listen to?

It might seem like a simple enough lesson for some people, but for me, I seem to have just realised it. I’m not sure why it took me so long, actually. I must be a slow learner or something, but better late than never, I suppose.

So, what’s up with the lack of comments, people? I’ll bet it’s for a number of reasons.
1, You’ve quit reading my blog for fear of another juvenile complaint entry in which I rant about my parents, and you (rightfully) call me an ungrateful twat who needs a swift kick in the rear.
2, you have nothing to complain about, and therefore think you have no need to comment. 3, you simply haven’t discovered my blog yet (I can’t really blame you for that then, can I?) 😉

I really can’t think of why else you wouldn’t want to comment, other than apathy and indifference. Oh well. I don’t comment on a lot of people’s blogs so I guess it’s only natural that I don’t receieve many! I can’t say I know anyone who uses a blog besides Thomas Dolby, and it’s not like I know the man personally or anything. And… Brian May has got his own site for his thoughts. And… besides my friends on Myspace or Gaia,  (or maybe even Livejournal or Xanga), I don’t really have any blogs I’m interested in. For the moment anyway.

So… Yesterday, I went to see the movie Hairspray. It was fantastic. And… today wasn’t bad either. I can’t say I’ve done much else than work on a computer picture and spend like, half an hour in town.

I work tomorrow, which I can’t say I’m looking forward to. Especially since it’s a weekend (busiest time of the week, in the summer) and the hotel nazi (the like 50 year old who’s been there for two years and is pickier than my BOSS) is going to be working as well. And, probably her prissy, pampered little bitch of a daughter. I swear. I knew that girl in High School, and she seemed nice, albeit a bit strange.

I’m thinking there’s only one way she got this job at the hotel; because of her mother. It can’t be because she shows aptitude in the field; she’s even slower at cleaning rooms than the 16 year old who works there. And, she never seems to fill the maid carts. And… one can generally tell when they’re being talked down to; it couldn’t be more noticeable if she screamed it into a megaphone and announced it on national tv. And, she’s fresh out of High School. I am 2 months from turning 21, so Hell can freeze over before I’m going to let a pompous, know-it-all 18 year old talk down to me, especially since I’ve worked there longer than she has. Although I don’t have a mother in the workplace.

Her mother favors her too. Her mother sometimes oversees what the other housekeepers do, and she hasn’t been nearly as picky with her daughter’s rooms as she seems to be with mine and others. On a day she (the mother)  wasn’t on the schedule, she even went so far as to leave a note for one of my co-workers, telling her the things that had been wrong in her rooms.

All I can do really is grin and bear it. I need to keep this job more than I want to give the mother and her pompous daughter a piece of my mind.

Anyway. This was all I really wanted to talk about today. If something interesting comes up tomorrow, you shall hear from me if I have nothing better to do! Like watch the special on Vh1 about Freddie Mercury, which I’ve already seen once.


“So don’t become some background noise, a backdrop for the girls and boys…

Who just don’t know or just don’t care
And just complain when you’re not there
You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour… Radio…”
-“Radio Ga Ga”, by Queen.

Why hello there.

Wow. My last entry was on the 16th. I didn’t realize it’d been quite that long!

Well… I’ll give you all a little update, because I know you have nothing better to do than sit here and read my blog! 😉

Work (as a hotel housekeeper) has been fine, unless you count the Hell on Earth days that every job is bound to have. One day, I had the pleasure of having 10 rooms to clean. And, I had just been visited by my little monthly gremlin the night before… Let’s just say that in the weather report of my moods, it was horrendously thunderstorming.

That wasn’t a fun day. We are supposed to be done by 3pm every day. It was almost 4pm when I left. And, I had help with a few beds and a couple bathrooms. Otherwise, who knows how long I’d have been there… It wasn’t fun… but that’s why they call it work I suppose. 😉

Anyway. I can’t think of many other flaws of work other than today; this poor girl got 13 rooms to clean. I would have helped her with them, but she was all done by the time I finished my pitiful 9 rooms. I’m not as slow as I once was, but I’m still not as speedy as I eventually need to be. Looking back, I used to take practically all day on four or five rooms. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing anything different, but I guess I’m gradually speeding up… Strange.

I’m like, so euphoric right now. I don’t have to work until Saturday. I just drew this great tattoo design, and I took a bunch of great pictures yesterday and today. And, tomorrow we might be going to a movie. It’s just like… I feel great. I wish I felt this way all the time. I suppose I could, since people control how they react to certain situations.

I’ve been trying to change some of that, but habits are hard to break. Take, for instance, me being asked to do a chore. Whoop de doo, the dishes, soo hard, right? So why, when I am asked to, do I automatically start complaining about it? That is very annoying… I don’t actually mind it all that much, I guess I’m just so used to complaining that it just sort of happens…

At least I’m aware of it, so I can change. I didn’t really notice before, but I could be one annoying bitch! My god! And there I thought all my complaining and acting depressed about it would change anything… Good god. It’s so obvious to me now, I just wonder how the hell I didn’t see it before…

Life is so weird. Perception of life. I sometimes wonder how so many different people can believe so many different things, and each thinks that theirs is the right way to think! First off, is there a right way to think? And if there is, which of the many perceptions is correct? Damn! One can really confuddle themselves trying to figure it out… And yet, it’s hard to want to figure it out, because you know you’ll never have a difinitive answer!


Anyhoo, where were we?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to write blogs in a chain form. I start out talking about one thing, then I think of a related thing… that just keeps going until the end of the blog, where I’m talking about something completely different…

Well.. I’m doing secretive Deaky   (inside joke) photography things right now, so I will end the entry so as not to leave you hanging ;D

Somehow I have to make this final breakthru….now

-‘Breakthru’, by Queen.

Guess what!
Underneath all my clothes…I’m naked. 😉

Oh yes, what a fabulously fantastic way to begin the entry.

I don’t care. 😛

Anyway….How have you, the ever faithful blog reader, been? Good, I hope.

This blog entry was meant to be submitted lastnight, but my dad had to, once again, sleep on the downstairs futon, which meant I’d have been annoying him by all my supposedly ‘loud’ typing, which in actuality is no louder than anyone else’s.

Anyway. I have lots of things to do today. I have to go to work and get my paycheck, and then run to the bank to get it cashed. Also, I got my last pay from being in community band, and it’s like, 100 bucks.

I have to use 1o of that for gas in mom’s car, 20 of it for gas in my car… and, depending on how much my work check is, I might just put the leftover 70 in my bank account. And, part of my work check would go in as well… And I’d keep a bit for discretionary income… I know I’m making a trip to Mason City today… I want to either price the next tattoo I want, or possibly get my nose piercing back. Maybe stop at the mall for a game of DDR… although it won’t be as much fun by myself…I still want to get out today.

I have to work tomorrow, although I’m not too worried about that, since afterwards, I don’t have to work until the weekend. Which I realize is a luxury I am VERY LUCKY to be able to enjoy.

Other than that… I don’t know what I’ll do today. I just wrote an entry because I felt like typing…but that was lastnight…
Anyway, I was on here to record a strange dream I had, so I figured I’d like, finish this entry that I barely got started on lastnight before giving up and going to bed.

Anyway, you people have a good day now. ^.~

What are we made of? Can we know what we will be?

-‘What are we made of’, by Brian May and Sissel Krykjebo

Well, hello again, blog readers.

If you’re wondering how I’ve faired since my last blog entry, fret no more: My life has continued on its somewhat positive course…

Although, the other day at work was a bit of a bump in the under-maintained gravel road of my life.

If you’re new to my blog, I work as a housekeeper in a hotel; if you’re a regular, sorry for repeating it!


That day, to my amazement, they gave me nine rooms to clean. NINE. Usually, I get four to six, but never have I been assigned nine rooms.
I tried not to be too angry, because more rooms means more time, which in turn equals more money.
Only three of them were stay overs (the fastest and easiest to do); the rest were the more time consuming check outs. I get about 75% of the way done with my first room. I walk out to the maid cart to double check my room list, and do a double take: two of the stay overs have been changed to check outs. I have eight check out rooms to do, and they expect me to be done by three pm, as the deadline demands.

And then, to add on to my paid torture, at least half the rooms were in a state of complete and utter disarray. Trash strewn across the room. Trashes piled up at least twelve inches above the bin (not exaggerating). Soaking wet towels herded into a dark corner of the bathroom. Sand on the bathroom floor. Rings on the bathtub.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

It was disgusting. Especially the room with sand on the bathroom floor. It wasn’t wiping up. I tried the vacuum. It wasn’t pikcing up. I tried wiping again. I practically had to sweep with a rag. By that point, I was in tears… I just didn’t know how on earth I was going to get through all of my rooms.

It also did not help that my stay over was being a complete and utter git. I knocked on his door, and ask if he wants his room cleaned. In the most undermining, demeaning tone he can muster (It seemed) he says “Well, we’re in here right now, come back later”. Well gee Mister, is a simple “Please” so hard to come by? Perhaps dear mum and dad forgot to teach you some manners, is that it?

Moving on (I tend to get off topic a lot).

There was a humorous point to that day. In a check out room, someone left a single shoe (a black sandal pump looking one), and the nose to a Mr. Potato Head toy. No joke. It was a ‘WTF’ moment.

I was so glad to see that work day end. I must admit; it was a little easier to get over, knowing I made almost $40 for my trouble.

Still. I know that I have it so lucky when it comes to my work situation. I know that two of my co-workers work two jobs. I admire and respect people who have to work that much. I think I have it bad…

The other day, I worked with this 16 year old girl who is not old enough to clean the bathrooms, cause of the chemicals that we use. It was great fun; the whole time, we were talking about what we didn’t like about work, about a somewhat bitchy co-worker of mine who I’ve nicknamed the hotel Nazi.

I have an arguement in my defense. This older lady who I won’t name was the one who taught me how to clean rooms. When doing stay overs, she told me to take all the towels, even the ones that were hung up.

One day, when my boss was cleaning rooms with me, he told me that if a stay over leaves towels hanging up, that means they want to keep them, so leave them there. One day, the older lady I work with asked why I’d left the towels hanging in my stay overs. She told me to do the complete opposite; you take the towels.

That was confusing.

Anyway. Back to the future.

Today, work was fairly enjoyable, as I didn’t spend long there.

As I said earlier, I honestly don’t have a whole lot to complain about. I was just feeling particularly eloquent with my words; I admit, I was inspired by Brian May’s soapbox, as nerdy of a reason to write a blog as I can think of. 😉

Anyway, I gather I’ve wast…err, USED UP enough of your time, so I will end the entry. 😉

“You never heard my song before, the music was too loud…

But now I think you hear me well
For now we both know how
No star can light our way
In this cloud of dark and fear
But someday one day…”
-Some Day, One Day, written by Brian May,  and recorded by Queen.

Well, howdie there. I realized I’ve been neglecting this blog for a bit. I admit, that is partly because I was getting a little tired of all those comments I was getting.  Although, I suppose they wouldn’t make me quite so angry if they didn’t have the degree of truth that they do.

I realize my all too frequent n00bish rambling can seem like it doesn’t make sense; sometimes it doesn’t. This might be a pathetic argument, but often, my blog doesn’t get written in at all unless I’m either very happy, or very angry. The extreme gammit of emotions, you might say. The blog is like my outlet for it. There are worse things I could do to vent my anger and frustration than write a n00bish rant in an online blog.

Still. I suppose I should take into consideration others’ thoughts; after all, I did ask people to comment. Just… It looks bad sometimes, I know it does, but it’s not.

Changes seem to be happening woefully slow these days, but at least things are changing. The parents and I hardly argue anymore, although when we do, it’s not for the same reasons (They’re new ones, such as, ‘we as parents still have the right to dictate what music you can listen to around us, etc). But that’s another blog for another time. 😉

And work, work is going famously, I should say. I have been getting more rooms to do, and although it’s more exhausting, it also pays more. I used to work two or three hours a day at most,  but recently, I’ve been going to work at ten a.m., and not getting home until after three. My bank account is also growing. It has over 200 dollars in it, when it was just $44.00 little more than a month ago. The next paycheck I get, and the ones to follow, I will be damned if 95% of them don’t end up in my savings. If I keep working like this, by the time the school year starts, I should have enough saved up to see if I can’t get an apartment, and to start paying my parents back for classes I didn’t do so well in.

And, on top of that, I can work during the school year. Mostly on weekends, but if I’m only taking Mon./Wed./Fri./classes, I can work Tuesdays and Thursdays, too. Maybe even on the other days, providing they only gave me a few rooms.

So, even though work tomorrow, I get monday off, and then work Tuesday-Friday in a row, things are actually starting to look decent. I’m honestly wondering what the Hell I have to complain about./. It’s times like this when things are going well that I look back on previous rants and wonder what was going through my mind when I wrote it.

You know, you’re right. I should be more thankful, but I’m sorry, it just won’t equal love. Understanding maybe. Thankfulness, definately. Respect, well, I have no choice in that matter, really. So, please, do not mistake lack of love for lack of thankfulness, because that is a complete and utter fallacy… I’m sorry if it appeared that way, through my brash words on these blogs, but I’d honestly rather be spewing out this hostility on the internet than in people’s faces who don’t deserve it.

So, you may call me what you will. Ungrateful. Bitch. Lazy wench. Git, and what have you. I know the truth, so fuck people who keep trying to convince me otherwise. 😉