Don’t mean nothing till you sign it on the dotted line…

I can scarcely believe the weather today.

It’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit today.

I’m practically ready to break out the tank tops and shorts.  

A higher temperature makes for a great mood.

I filled out three applications on paper (Mc Donalds, a Dollar General in Mason City, and KFC), as well as being in the process of two more to do online (Kum & Go [a gas station], and Walgreens).

For the Walgreens one, you fill out part online, and then have to go to the store to finish it.

I went and got all those not only beacuse I really, really need a job, but because the high temperatures today made for a very pleasant mood. In addition to doing it for that reason, I am also doing it because Amanda, Vanessa, and I are trying to plan a small Friday night party. Complete with the cheesy 80s movies, funky tasting alcohol, and loads of steam to blow off.

Let’s face it. Everybody I know has been under a lot of stress lately, Vanessa, Amanda, and myself included, so this will be a much needed chance to let it all hang out.

That is, if my parents O.K. it.    The last few times I have asked to go out, my dad has refused permission, on the premise that “I don’t have a job yet”.

Technically, I do; I am still employed at Arby’s. 
Thing is, I guess they’re having a bit of trouble, because they had to fire a couple of people, and had to put me on leave until possibly the end of March.
While I am a little bit torked about that, at least they didn’t fire me straight up. Sure, I might not be getting any hours for another month and a half, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work some hours after that.

So, yeah. Call it kissing up if you must, but it’s worth it knowing I’m that much closer to partying this Friday night.

That means doing exactly what I’m told, which I can have problems with from time to time.

That included straightening up a bit around the house and vacuuming two rooms. Which I did less than 45 minutes before the parents got home.

My parents just got home a little bit ago.

The cleaning the rooms went over well, and me bragging about having 3 paper applications and two electronic ones to fill out seems to have worked perfectly.

I am going to go bonkers waiting for Friday night.

Got nowhere left to hide, the fight in me has died, so I must wait for the sunrise.

Lyrics taken from the Richard Marx song “Wait for the Sunrise”, off his ‘Repeat Offender’ album.

I figured, since it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written in any blog (let alone this one), that I would write in one.

My life hasn’t been boring, but on the same note, it hasn’t been all that exciting either.

I do, however have a few matters that are resolved, or are in the process of being resolved.

I have seen the same shrink two different times, and in doing so, I think all or most of my problems are psychosomatic. The depression. The spending. Bipolar.

I think my brain  concocted these problems as an excuse for my terrible decision making and otherwise anti-mature behavior.

In other words, I am full of shit. One can only avoid acting mature for so long, and I am 100% sure I have passed this deadline. I don’t know why I did or said a lot of things that I did in the past, and maybe it took two very, VERY uncomfortable shrink sessions with some old fogie for me to finally realize it.

The first step in this process would be to find a job. I am currently applying online at ShopKo, and I’m going to see how many businesses in my area I can apply for online. I’d go out and job hunt, except my father drove my car to work. So, the only vehicle left is his rusty old pickup (which is Manual), and I don’t know how to drive stick.

If my car was still here, I would probably go out job hunting, and stop by my college to hang out with the gang over lunch time.

But, such is my fate to stay at home, I will have to make the most of it.

I’d walk somewhere, but it’s -8 degrees outside. I’d have to be dressed warmer than an Eskimo, with nice, warm, insulated boots up to my knees to even consider walking somewhere, and seeing as I have inadequate equipment for such a hike, I am staying indoors.

If you want to contact me, leave a comment here or e-mail me or something, but don’t expect me to reply right away, I will probably spend a good deal of time that I’m not applying online playing Sims 2. ;D