Can you see the real me? [“I went back to the doctor…” edition]

-The Who, “The Real Me”.

Well, hello there.

Today was, as you know, the day of my doctor’s appointment to check for ulcers. I had an ultrasound, which was lovely because I had to try not to laugh the whole time (I’m extremely ticklish, especially on my stomach). At least it was darkish in there so the lady couldn’t see my fat. xD

Then, I had a stomach xray.

First off, I had to wear those lovely hospital gowns. There is a thinner bit that you put on first that closes in the back, then a longer robe thing you put on that ties in the front. I still failed to know that I’d have to be showing my legs…. so I felt nice and naked, even though I was pretty much covered up…

Okay. So, they make you drink this lovely stuff that is like liquid antacid, only three times as thick. The taste wasn’t necessarily unpleasant, it was the texture. It was like some kid ground up a bunch of chalk and mixed it with water and jello that hadn’t set up yet. It was slimy. If flubber was real and had a liquid form, I’m pretty sure it would have been something like that.
Ew. I should say that you’re standing on a tiny platform attached to a huge machine, most of which  you can’t see because it’s behind you. They put this screen thing in front of your stomach. Then they make you drink the liquid flubber.
Then, they give you this cup of fizzy stuff (it’s a gas that opens up your esophagus and such so they can see better).. It tasted like a sour flavored soda. Not necessarily bad. You just can’t burp or they’ll have to give you more lol. Then they flip you the fuck over. Thanks man, like I’m not already feeling nauseous enough from drinking that liquid chalk.

Let me just say, it’s fucking weird seeing inside  your own body. Weird. And it was lovely that they had me rolling and scooching over, and that totally was starting to hike up my stupid hospital garb… and it didn’t help my embarassment that I of course had a MALE doctor (wasn’t all that horrible looking either). That helped. xD

But.. he told me I didn’t have any ulcers, just the reflux… which is good news. But I kinda wish we’d already known that, because I don’t even want to start thinking about how much all this is going to cost, since I am uninsured, and I can’t get Title 19 because I still live with my parents… ^^;

So anyway. After I was done there, I went to Wal-Mart for the hell of it. I got a pretty flowering plant to put in the big planter bucket outside (which I plant flowers in every year). It has a bunch of buds on it, but no blooms yet. This is what they’ll look like once they bloom:

If we can find any peppermint coolers, I’ll put a few of those around it. These are what peppermint coolers look like:


I can remember planting peppermint coolers like the ones above in our flowerbeds at a very young age, so they’ve always sorta been my favorite cute, nostalgic little flowers.

I have to work tomorrow, as you all know, so I have nothing else planned for today but just relaxing in preperation of my super busy four days ahead. You know, it’s weird, because Friday will be my Monday, and Monday will be my Friday.

Before I end this entry, I just want to say that all of you need to listen to “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos, because that song is seven kinds of amazing.

The whole song is amazing, but the prettiest piano melody in the world is at the end.. Skip ahead to about 3:10 to see what I mean.

Okay. Plug over. I’m going to eat lunch and go watch tv. 🙂 I’ll probably be back tomorrow evening to write about my workday and such. TTYL.


One thought on “Can you see the real me? [“I went back to the doctor…” edition]

  1. Hooray! Glad your x-ray was good. Speaking of peppermint (or any kind of mint)… I had heard it was good for the tummy, but as it turns out, it actually makes stuff like reflux WORSE, which I found out the hard way. You probably already knew that tho. Have a good weekend! (my “monday” is thursday, and monday is my “friday”. Every week. I know just how you feel).

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